Friday, February 29, 2008

Crying over spilled milk

Went to Aunt Mary's funeral this morning. Sad. I'll always remember her as being a very eccentric, lively, enthusiastic, and active person. She was 85 years old when she passed but didn't look more than 65. We had my cousins' wedding last September and she was out on the dance floor jamming all night long. Truly incredible.

The boys got contacts yesterday. I woke them up early this morning so they had time before school to put them in. LOL! Yeah RIGHT! They haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet so I ended up putting them in. Dreamy came home from school and told me that his eye was itching him during, in the midst of scratching the itch one of his contacts "popped out". He says that his teacher walked him to the teachers' lounge where they luckily found another teacher with contact solution...only he couldn't put it in himself so the teachers had to put it in for him. The teacher apparently told Dreamy to kindly ask me to put solution and contact cases in his backpack. oops. So I did overkill....they now each have baggies full of contact supplies in both their school bags and gymnastics bags...just in case. Hopefully they'll get the hang of this soon....I'm starting to wonder if this whole contacts thing wasn't a HUGE mistake.

Papa Smurf's out playing poker tonight...the kids are all in bed....TV is is silence! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Of course 2 hours ago it wasn't so quiet. Dreamy Smurf and Smurfette decided when we returned home from gymnastics that they wanted a bowl of cereal....they were both hungry. So....They're playing at the table and after yelling for the 10th time for Dreamy to "sit down and eat and quit goofing around so you can get in the shower"....he decides to tickle Smurfette and somehow during this "tickle torture" (as my kids like to call it) Smurfette ended up dumping her entire bowl of cereal ...which, by the way, Dreamy had poured for her and so the cereal was overflowing and the milk was to the brim of the was somehow managed to spray from one end of my kitchen to the other...up the walls, up the cupboards, down the legs of the kitchen chairs, the milk covered half the kitchen floor, and Smurfette had frosted flakes hanging from her ears and dripping from every piece of clothing....O.....M.....G!!!!!!!!!!

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