Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Talking Horses Happy Land

I just remembered something that Smurfette said to me a couple weeks ago that I meant to blog but forgot. She told me "mama I don't want to ever grow up...because being a grown up is no fun...all you ever have to do is work." That statement makes me sad. Why is that all she sees. When I was a kid I used to have this recurring dream. We were in our house in SCS and I was walking through the front door to get to my mom ...she was in the bathroom in the back of the house....only I couldn't get to her because the house was filled from wall to wall & floor to ceiling with washers and dryers...I had to crawl and climb through the doors of the machines like a maze to get to her. I don't need a PhD to analyse THAT! Unfortunately, my mom was a single parent who worked full time to support us and the time that she was at home was usually spent cooking and cleaning....and ....doing laundry. So here I am...a stay at home mom and my daughter still sees me that way. So when she made that statement I thought....I'm going to try harder to set aside time each day to spend with her. So you know what we did yesterday....for our "together" time? .......we put on the jams....and......CLEANED....I actually tried to make her think that emptying the dishwasher was FUN.....and she fell for it! I think I've defeated the purpose! The problem is...when I ask her what she wants to do she usually picks something that I HATE doing...like playing pretend play with her dolls, babies, or barbies....I HATE pretend play. I'm just not good at it. I'm not imaginative enough for pretend play. I usually just end up saying in my pretend Barbie voice "I'm tired, I think I'll go take a nap now"....I suck at pretend play. I would MUCH rather read a book or do a puzzle or play a board game. Maybe we can incorporate "pretend play" with cleaning....now that's an idea....again, probably defeating the purpose. Oh well.

Speaking of dreams...I've been having some very vivid dreams lately. I usually don't remember my dreams but this past week I've woken up remembering every last detail. Last night I had a dream that I was on our girls trip...I was trying to do my hair but my hair was like shaka khan's...thick, poofy, curly and frizzy....in other words....AWEFUL! And I had to go to the bar with this head full of nastiness. While we were at the bar we ran into 2 guys that we went to highschool with...can't even remember their names....Stefanowski was one of their last names...and I can't remember what the other one's name was....but how those 2 ended up in my dream I will never know...I never hung out with them in high school and haven't seen them since. Crazy.

We had Dreamy's 3rd Grade winter concert last night. He was like a stone statue up their...his lips were moving but not a single facial expression or movement. Hefty said "Dreamy is in his talking horses happy land"....talking horses?...."yeah, happy land always has talking horses".....LOL! Dreamy Smurf didn't have his glasses with him ....they broke last week and are now being repaired....HE didn't break them....his MOTHER broke them....but that's another story.....so every now and then we'd get a squinty smile with a wave. Meanwhile, his friends R and D were on either side of him dancing and jamming to the music they were singing. It was pretty comical!

Went to the gym again this morning and had my second (of 4) personal training session...I'm going once a week for a month. The goal is to get my butt back in shape before training begins for Chicago. I know once a week isn't going to cut it but she gives me homework for the week. I didn't want to commit to more than 4 sessions....just wanted someone to help me jump start the work outs. Holy crap. She's killing me. Nicole is her name and she's one of these perky, pretty, happy people....in perfect shape and always smiling....she even has dimples for cry'n out loud. She tells me today (with a smile and a giggle) that she had a huge house fire...(smile smile giggle giggle) the furnace started a fire that ran through all the duct work (smile smile giggle giggle) and smoked them out of their house...she had an adjuster at her house that originally told her that her insurance wouldn't cover the damage..... :::giggle giggle::: ....OMG! She's actually a very tough and good personal trainer if I could just get past the smiling giddiness thing. She's probably good for me....maybe she'll rub off on me. Anyway, she kicked my butt today. I doubt I'll be able to lift my arms over my head tomorrow. My upper body is so rediculously weak. But I'm gonna change that! I'm gonna be buff by April....LMAO....can't even type that with a straight face!

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