Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feel'n lucky!

We got our first torential downpours late last night...woke up this morning to more of the same. So we went down to the continental buffet for a quick breakfast....4 muffins, 1 danish, 1 donut, 1 yogurt, 1 cereal, 3 milks, 2 coffees......= $65.00.....O....M....G....!!!! This will be my first vacation ever that I actually LOST weight...a bag of fritoes at the convenience shop....$8.99....JESUS! We had planned on taking a taxi over to the shopping district and "Fish Fry" but the black clouds didn't look promising. So after breakfast we went for another walk throught the resort and over to the Dolphin Cay where we'll be going on Friday and by the time we returned to our room the drizzle had stopped so we decided to spend another day at the pool instead. Went to the kiddie playground pool for Smurfette and the boys all went for a few rides down the water slides...even Dreamy Smurf braved a few of them. The day was VERY windy and mostly 3pm we were cold and water logged. We loaded everyone down with sunscreen before we left but forgot Hefty's face and he is now fried....the sun got through those clouds anyway. Went to an early dinner at the "Shell Top" outdoor restaurant and then back to the hotel to clean up. Papa Smurf and I signed the kids up for the kids' "evening escape". Smurfette didn't want to go and had to be pryed from my leg with Hefty's assistance. Papa Smurf & I went to the casino....I told him I was feeling lucky and we'd win enough to pay for our evening out....first slot Papa Smurf went to he hit for over $500.....oh BABY! Spent the entire night playing black jack on his winnings and had a blast! Came out $100 ahead even AFTER you take into account the cost of the day care! YEAY! Picked up the kids at 10 and lets just say....the kids' escape was a bust....they did NOT enjoy it at all. So...the following conversation took place while tucking them into bed....

me: "you know have to make the best of the're going back tomorrow night because after all we've done for you during this trip we'd like some alone time"

them: "they don't have xbox like they said and the line to play WII was too long....they wouldn't give us water....they were giving kids "time outs" for talking during the movie"....(the complaint list went on for quite awhile)

me:...I don't think it's too much to ask. If you go there tomorrow with a bad attitude then you WONT have fun...try to make the most of it. We'll send you next time with your own bottled water..... You want to go swim with the dolphins?.....then please do this for us...."


I then tucked them in for the night in their room....closed the door between the adjoining rooms and said to Papa Smurf "well....looks like the "kids escape" was a bust"....Papa Smurf's reply?....a good old fashioned fist in the crook of his opposite elbow and a hardy "SCREW'EM"....there goes this years "parent of the year" award....we had high hopes...

Can I say kids have been great all week....but if I hear one more argument over who gets to push the buttons on the elevator I'll go mad! It's gotten so bad that Papa Smurf and I have actually had to forbid ANY of the kids from pushing any elevator buttons...Papa Smurf and I are now the official "elevator button operators"....sad...I know!

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