Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Its my hair and I'll cut it if I want to!

Dreamy Smurf has made it through a major childhood rite of passage....he is now a man (in his eyes anyway).... I forgot to mention this last week. We were in our hotel room and I kept trying to fix his hair...only it wouldn't fix....I couldn't figure out why half his forehead was higher than the other...It almost looks like there's a chunk of hair missing....odd....that's very unlike Kelly to cut his hair so crooked....ahhhhh....that's because it WASN'T son felt the overwhelming desire to take a chunk out of his hair. I finally weaseled the truth out of him. Apparently, he took the scissors out of his desk at school and decided he needed a hair cut. Why do all kids do this...I did it as a kid...Hefty has already done Dreamy....I'm sure Smurfette will eventually....why??

Smurfette's short pixie hair cut is growing out so we are back to the battles with the tangles...every morning is a fight to brush her hair. So, I asked her if she wanted it cut again so it wouldn't get so knotted and she said "no, because haircuts make me itch"...LOL...

Found out yesterday that Dreamy doesn't have any broken bones. Doc thinks he just hyperextended his toe. Told him to stay off it for a right...and told me to give him an anti-inflammatory.

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