Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Dreamy Smurf

I'm feeling a little nastalgic. It was 9 years ago today that our little guy was born. ::: sigh ::: At the risk of being cliche.....Time sure does fly by fast.

We're having the family over for dinner for Dreamy's birthday. It should be a fun filled evening. We all have a lot of catching up to do...I'm sure there's some new developements on Grandma's bowel patterns that we'll all need to know...LMAO!

Speaking of which...I was surfing the internet looking for "smurf stuff" for the boys for Easter. The boys at gymnastics all have nick names for each other and my boys are "papa smurf" and "smurfling"...the funny thing is they've never watched a single smurf episode and I'm not even sure they knew who the smurfs were before the older boys started calling them this...but anyhoo...I I was surfing around looking for shirts, smurf figurines, stuffed animals, etc(they're into having their "good luck charms" at the meets in their gym bags so I thought little smurf stuffed animals would be cute)...I came across a funny shirt that said "if you choke a smurf what color does it turn?" know I have to get it. But anyway, I'm sure you're wondering what on earth all this has to do with Grandma's bowel patterns....during my internet search for smurf stuff I came across a shirt that said "Ask me about my explosive diarrhea"....I laughed so damn hard I nearly peed my pants...the first thing that popped into my head was a picture of my Grandma in this shirt...that shirt was meant to be hers..if only I had the balls to give it to her.

The above entry was from's now Sunday...I was interupted while typing and so never got around to publishing yesterdays post so I'll just add to it. Had a nice visit with the family last night. Dreamy Smurf has been glued to the TV ever since last night watching one Monk episode after another. That's one of the gifts we got him...season 1 and 2. We somehow almost made it through the evening without bowel patterns coming into the topic of conversation...but in the middle of a conversation about politics a picture of Grandma with that T Shirt popped into my head and I started busting a everyone was wondering what I was laughing at and it was like my own private little joke so when I finally caught my breath enough to tell Grandma about the shirt she didn't think it was as funny as I did. She just couldn't appreciate the humor in it. Oh well. I still think it's hilarious!

Here's one for you Kelly. Try analysing THIS dream that I had last night...and no....I swear on my kids lives I'm not making this up....

I was on Kelly and Randy's front porch just finishing up washing their windows...(I don't even wash my own windows, so much for not dreaming things you wouldn't do in real life) I had to use the rest room....desperately....but they weren't home and their front door was locked. But there just happened to be a little tykes potty training chair on the front porch and so I just dropped trow right there on their porch and proceeded to relieve myself on the potty chair...but then Randy walks out from the side of the garage and gets in his car...while I'm sitting on the potty chair and looks at me...says "oh, sorry" and drives away...I'm still sitting on the potty chair and Randy's brother drives up in the driveway...I'm convinced Randy called his brother laughing and says "hey hurry up and go drive by my house Tammy's going to the bathroom right on my porch"....and that was it...LMAO...OMG...I think I may need a shrink!


Randy and Kelly English said...

maybe you are upset cuz I don't want to go hiking!!! LOL and you peed on my porch. LOVE YA!!!!!!

trex said...

did you used to live in RI?