Monday, February 11, 2008

Lets see....I haven't blogged since last Thursday....surely I have SOMEthing interesting to type? NOPE!

Yesterday we left the house at 7am to drive to Saginaw for a meet. Both boys had fantastic meets. They did great and scored well and both boys won 1st place in the AA.....never mind that they were only competeing against I'm not kidding. There were 2 level 6 boys in Dreamy Smurf age Dreamy Smurf won 1st place in 4 (of 6) events and the All Around trophy (AA score 51.9)....The other boy won the other 2 events. Hefty Smurf was the ONLY level 7 in his age group....6 gold medals and a trophy (AA score 50.6)....there were only 4 level 7s why would they divide the ages?.....Good question!.... I guess that's one way of coming home with medals! It was such a rediculously small meet there was actually a kid who won 1st place in his age group with an All Around score of 37.something....for those who arent familiar with gymnastics scoring....that's not fact, it's really bad!

Here's a picture of my smart alleck son drawing an uproarious laughter from the crowd by acting shocked at the results of the meet....he of course new he was the only competitor in his age group when he was called up to the podium.

And here's Dreamy with all his bling!
We left the gym around 5:30 pm and as soon as I got in the car I started feeling rotten. Cold, achey, shivering....couldn't warm up or get comfortable...just felt awful. By the time we got home I was miserable. I curled up on the couch with a low grade fever. I was up most of the night and slept with a kleenex shoved up my nose...pretty. Finally got up at 2am and took some Ny-Quil. I've never had a cold hit me that fast. I guess better now than on vacation! I'm hoping Papa smurf doesn't get it while we're gone!
School was cancelled for school today due to the sub-zero degree weather. Oh joy! So I spent the day doing my least favorite thing in the world (all the while feeling like shit) with the kids for our trip. They all needed sandals and summer we braved the cold. They of course didn't let me down...this trip was filled with the ear blistering "are we done yet?", "my feet hurt", "my legs are tired", "can I sit down somewhere?", "I'm thirsty", "I don't need shoes...I'll go barefoot", "I want this", "why can't I get that?", "I'm bored", "what, it was an accident" (when Dreamy...not looking where he was going.... heelied right into another lady), and so on and so on and so on........I HATE SHOPPING WITH MY KIDS!

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