Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let the training begin!

Getting back into the swing of being back home. Spent the last 2 days getting caught up on laundry and Oprah! LOL! Also getting back into the workouts...ran a little over 2 miles this morning on the treadmill and followed it up with 45 minutes of resistance training. Felt great! I actually think I have Papa smurf talked into training with me. HE brought it up...not me! Good sign! He won't commit to the full marathon and unfortunately the 1/2 marathon isn't an option at Chicago...so he's just going to train with me...as much as he can....it's not easy with his work schedule so he'll just do what he has time for. I'm excited! Now if I can just get Tom out there with me too....

I'm sad to say that my Great Aunt Mary (my grandma's sister) lost her battle with Leukemia this past Sunday. Her enthusiasm for life and bright spirit will be missed. Papa Smurf also recently found out that a good friend of his and former employee from his MSX days was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. She's young...in her 40s...i think....not that her age matters in the least but just showing how this disease does not discriminate. When I decided to run another marathon I decided not to sign up through TNT this time around....didn't want to commit to raising a specific amount...which for the Chicago marathon would have been significantly higher minimum donation than the Detroit marathon was. I felt funny hitting up family and friends 2 years in a row...I think though that I will set my own goal for raising donations on my own for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society....not the TNT group....this way I know that 100% of the donations will benefit the society. We'll do the same thing we did last year and match donations up to $1000.00.

It seems we can't get enough of Dr. Basch (the foot doctor)....had to make an appointment for this afternoon for Dreamy Smurf...his big toe hurts...lol....his big toe has been hurting him for over a week now...hopefully it's nothing!

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