Friday, February 15, 2008


In my blog entry yesterday....or was that Wednesday.....I skipped the "3 people that made me smile today", there were many more than 3 people/things that made me smile so I'm revising the question to suit my needs. My revised version reads...."What were the happiest moments of your day"?

1) Woke up in the morning and found a very nice card and candy kisses (layed out in the shape of a sweet) from my hubby. Made me smile.

2) Realized early in the day that I seem to be over the hump of this strep throat / sinus infection...good drugs go a long way! I went to see the doc Wed. and he did a flu was negative....but he said my tonsils were "glowing and pussy" and suspected a sinus infection so he gave me a prescription for antibiotics. 24 hours later....feeling much better.....makes me smile!

3) I was sitting in the waiting room at the foot doctors office with the boys (Smurfette was still at school/daycare). Hefty Smurf was sitting in the seat behind me and just wrapped his arms around me from behind and rested his chin on my shoulder and just stayed there for a long time. I know that probably sounds rediculous but Hefty Smurf is 11 now and I don't get the affectionate snuggles with him anymore. It meant alot to me and made me smile.

4) Sitting in the room of same doctors office...Dreamy Smurf walked up to me....... farted .......and then walked to the other side of the room laughing....yeah I know it's disgusting but I busted out laughing and told him to "get back over here because the doctor's gonna walk in and take a wiff and think I did it!". Why would this make me smile? I have no idea, I guess because it's just so "Dreamy Smurf-Like" to be such a goof ball. =)

5) found out that Hefty is finally in the clear with the foot doctor and we no longer have to make our weekly visits....yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

6) Smurfette came running up stairs last night all excited while I was going through the boys' backpacks and says "MOMMY, COME QUICK, I HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL TO SHOW YOU"....she was bouncing up and down and smiling and waving her arms I rush down stairs to see what the excitement is about and she leads me to her chalk board where she wrote "Smurfette Loves Mommy".... =)

7) I officially signed up for the Chicago Marathon! Payed the entry cost so there's no turning back now! =)

8) Got the majority of our packing done yesterday.... =)

9) Compared Sterling Heights extended forcast with Nassau's extended forecast..... =)

And I'll be smiling all day today because in less than 24 hours we will be above the clouds of Michigan on our way to peace, relaxation, and sunshine! Papa Smurf will be bringing his laptop so I hope to use this blog as my travel journal while we're gone...not sure if we'll be able to connect to the internet though. If I'm unable to blog while in Nassau I'll tell you all about it when I return. Have a great week!

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Randy and Kelly English said...

you guys have a safe, good time!!!!

kelly and randy