Thursday, February 7, 2008

Everyone has a scent

I found a hat on my counter last night that didn't look familiar to me. It looked like it belonged to a little person so I thought I'd ask the little people in my house.

me: hey guys, do you know who this hat belongs to?
Hefty: no....let me see it

He then grabs the hat from me ...sticks his nose inside the hat and takes a huge wiff of it....hands it back to me and says "it's A's" (my nephew's)

me: how can you possibly know that by sniffing it
Hefty: everyone has a scent and I know everyone's smells like Aidan
Me: I just stared at him with a look of doubt and bewilderment
Hefty: (sensing my doubt and with a very matter-of-fact look on his face) I'll bet you anything it's A's

sure enough - I called my SIL to see if A is missing a hat - the hat is indeed my nephew's.

Hefty has done this before....after a party we found a shirt someone left at our house....I asked the kids if they knew who it belonged to and Hefty identified it as one of his friend's shirts by sniffing it. That's just not normal!

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Randy and Kelly English said...

When the kids come home from Randy's mom and grandmas house they smell like Great Grandma all the time. My parents house also has a distinct smell. When you gave me the clothes for John of Justin and Brendens John said right away that they smelled like your boys.