Monday, September 29, 2008

Answer this

Tina from Golden Goodness threw these random questions out there for all to answer. I'm short on time right now so I'm cheating and answering these questions instead of coming up with a post of my own.

1. Rare, medium or well-done? Depends. I like my burgers well done. But I like my steaks medium-rare.

2. Do you plan to stay in the house you're in for the rest of your life? That's the question of the month in our home. We were hoping to move...upgrade, so to speak. But now we're considering just adding on to our house. America's economic crisis has us a little paranoid to move. We'll see.

3. Why do you have the size bed you have? Queen. We're not big people so it works for us.

4. When you buy milk, do you just grab a jug or do you look for the latest exp. date? I'll glance at the exp. date but as long as it's more than a week away I'm good. I buy 4 gallons of milk per week and I NEVER have to worry about it going bad.

5. Do you and your spouse go on dates? How often? Yes....maybe once a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

6. Do you like to play board games? Favorite? I do but we're more of a card play'n family. I like playing Scrabble, Triominos, Monopoly. But I'd rather be playing Euchre. I'm addicted to playing Euchre on Yahoo Games. That's usually how I unwind at night before bed...I play a quick couple games online.

7. Do you have a day each week that you sleep late? On school days I get up at 6:45. On one weekend day I get up at 6am for my long weekend run. Sometimes we (my running partner and I) do it on a Saturday...sometimes on a Sunday. And then the other weekend day my internal alarm starts ringing in my ear around 7:30.

8. Do you wear shoes in your house or park them at the door? Yes, we wear our shoes in our house. My kids usually take theirs off right in front of the door (a major source of contention for me....there are 5 people in this house and so there are usually 10 pairs of shoes at any given time sitting RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. MY. DOOR......but not because we make them...they just would rather be barefoot. And actually, I'm usually barefoot myself unless I'm going or have already been somewhere.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I've been hard at work these past several days transforming my blog. Real names have been removed....what a pain in the a-- that was.....and a Live Traffic Feeder has been added. I realize these are not fool proof safety measures....but they make me feel better all the same. I tossed around the idea of removing all photos but decided against that since there are a great number of photos and many posts revolve around those photos.

Thank you to everyone who left such wonderful kind worded comments in the previous post.

I received several emails stating that it would be next to impossible for someone to find me or my family from my blog but that is SO not true. I have been using our real names on this blog and have found several people from my Stat Counter that did a simple google search of my name that brought them directly to my blog. We have a listed number. There are several people search websites out there that lead directly to my address if my name is me....I've done it. It's actually quite scary how easy it would be.

So I'll give this a try. See what happens. The creepy Stat Counter activity has died down. And after lunch with some friends yesterday afternoon....I have reason to believe the creepy stalker guy may actually be my friend's husband....our dear friend "R" =) LMAO! Who wasn't stalking my blog but curiously checking on the comment drama. I'm still not entirely convinced of that though because the city is different. But since I don't know who else it could be I'll believe that for peace of mind. R, you can stalk me any time baby!! LOL.


I sent a twitter TM from my phone 2 days ago that said "(Dreamy) wants to quit gymnastics." That twit TM was suppose to be to my husband....but you know it's SO easy to confuse the 5 digit twitter number from my husbands 7 digit cell phone number. You all may be wondering where my children inherited their absentminded ways...No need....they get it from me.

So Dreamy Smurf had a minor melt down yesterday. And, basically, to make a long story short, he's completely stressed out and overwhelmed with school and his gymnastic's schedule. He's had a ton of homework so far this year and spends 16 hours/week at the gym. He's 9. It's too much. He was extremely distraught over this and crying over the possibility of quitting. So we had a chat with his coach and decided to cut down his hours/days spent at the gym. I don't want him to get burnt out and he's entirely too young to be this stressed out. I hope this works for him. We'll see.

I still have major sinus issues going on. Doc wants me to go for a CT of my sinuses but the $550 would come out of pocket. The way our insurance works....we are covered in full for the 1st $2,000 of coverage....when that's used up we are responsible for the next $2,000....and then we are covered in full again after that. We've already used up the 1st $2,000 of coverage (that has never happened was an exceptionally "sick" year) and so now all doc visits and medical care come out of pocket (up to $2,000). So I'm trying to hold off on having the CT scan done until after the 1st of the year when the coverage kicks back in. We'll see. I'm tired. Tired from not getting a restful night's sleep and feel'n like crud throughout the day.

Running/training is still suffering from the above. Ran my second 20 miler last Saturday and it DID.NOT.GO.WELL! But now we're tapering so I just don't care. I need for this marathon to be over because I'm convinced that all this training is the reason I keep getting sick. I think the training is kicking my immune system's a-s. My body is just spent. My friend and running partner, T, now has tendinitis in her foot. So her training has been going about as well as mine. I've actually contemplated bailing out. But after all this hard work I HAVE to at least go. I'll probably be walking most of it....but oh-well. At the very least it's an excuse to visit Chicago again. I just love that city!

I've suspended all home viewings for the time being. As much as we'd love to move, we're paranoid. America is in a financial crisis and although hubby's job is secure right now....there's just no guarantees what the future holds. So we will wait.

A conversation with my kids last week(in the car):

Smurfette: Mama, do you cry every day after you drop me off at school?

Me: No honey, I'm fine, I just cried a little that first day.

Dreamy Smurf: Oh...I get cried when SHE went to school but when WE went you did the happy dance.

Me: I cried on all 3 of your 1st days of kindergarten. Kindergarten is different.

Hefty Smurf: I know why....when we start Kindergarten it means we're growing up and we're just not cute anymore.

His assessment made me laugh. There is a tiny bit of truth in that! LOL!

Leslie over at Got Kids, Need Valium Gave me this wonderful award some time last week before I decided to take some time off. Thank you Leslie for the much needed bloggy love. You made me smile and I appreciate that. I just love this girl. Seriously. Her kids will make you smile. They're just the cutest darn things. If you haven't been over there you really should. You won't regret it.

I'm running out of time right now and need to go through the blog roll and find out who's gotten this one already before I pass it on. I just don't have the time right now....actually, that's a lie....I just don't feel like doing it right now.....=) I'll pass it on later.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Saying Good-Bye

Ever since I first started blogging family and friends occasionally question me about the safety of talking about and posting photos of my family on the Internet. I've had a very callous attitude about it because.....well.....I don't know....just because. Maybe because I'm naive.

All of that has changed.....literally, over night.

Because of one person.

So, Dave...if you're reading this....I'm ratting you out.

You all know that several days ago I wrote a post that didn't go over very well with a couple folks. I had the comments turned off to avoid receiving hate mail but comments were left on the previous post anyway. Since it was a previous post I wasn't checking them from my computer on a regular basis like I ordinarily would. I did, however, notice a deleted comment from someone named Dave. I don't know a Dave. I've never received a comment from anyone named Dave. I have my blog set up to send all comments to my you didn't know that Dave...did you? The problem with that is sometimes comments/emails get overlooked because I don't check my email on a regular basis either. So Dave's comment (that was sent to my email before he deleted it) went overlooked. I did not see it.

Please stay with me as I AM going somewhere with this.....

So, in response to Saturday's post, I received this lovely comment from David:

"I loved the post but of course did not comment as they were turned off.I did want you to know that I followed your marathon blog as my wife is battling Leukemia and did the Nike Womens marathon in San Fran with Team in Training, while briefly in remission in 2005.She still battles as it keeps coming back.Even after a full stem cell transplant, it came back full bore last week!With her this week in the hospital fighting for her life, I find it hard to get into a philosophical/political discussion with anyone.I like your point of view, and agree that we need to put family first. I also appreciate what you wrote in your Marathon blog.Keep up the good work!David"

I thought to myself......How nice. A lurker coming out of the closet. And Leukemia....UGH.... tough break. I wondered if this was the same Dave that deleted his comment from the previous post....hmmmm....whatever.

So I mosey on over to Dave's blog. And am completely mortified at the hardships that his family is facing. His wife has been battling leukemia since 2005....was thought to be in remission....but has recently relapsed. He, after a freakish illness, is now deaf and has recently received cochlear implants. And he has a 14 year old son. His posts were inspiring. And a little sad. And a little intriguing. I was engrossed in his story for close to an hour last night. I left him several supportive comments.

I then went back to my own comments and decided to check and see if the deleted comment from Dave was indeed the same Dave. I clicked the link and yep....sure is....hmmmm....that's odd. I wonder why he said he didn't leave a comment when he actually did but deleted it. Oh well.

So then I received another comment from Dave in response to the comments that I left him on HIS blog....

"thank you for your warm kind comments. It means much to me. I so enjoy your posts and look forward to them. I hope you continue to work with Team in training if you get the opportunity. We have raised a lot of money up here for them, and continue our efforts.Your blog is amazing!" David

What a nice guy.

So then I mosey on over to my email late last night and realize that my inbox is ridiculously full with blog comment emails so I start sifting through my emails to delete them from my inbox. And guess what I found Dave......your comment before you deleted it....

You see, Dave is the one that left the nasty comment but then deleted it and reposted it as an anonymous comment under a girl's name. Which in and of itself probably wouldn't bother me. I would have just seen him as a coward for doing something like that under a false name and not necessarily an unstable freak. I probably would have forgiven him for being so nasty and cowardly and moved on. That comment was not meant to show a constructive opposing was meant to me malicious and condescending. Dave couldn't come up with a valid constructive argument and so chose to be mean instead. Whatever. But here's where I start thinking he's an unstable his most recent comments...."I loved the post but of course did not comment as they were turned off." Ummm.....liar.... & "Your blog is amazing!" I'm sorry....but I do believe you called me "hate-filled, greedy, and selfish" just two days ago. And now you've changed your tune??!! So now not only do I question your stability but I'm also questioning your legitimacy. I'm guessing your entire blog is a farce.

Then I decide to take a look at my stat's been awhile....and now I see that there is someone in a very close town to me that has been to my blog over 30 times in the last 4 days. I'm more than a little freaked out people....that's just creepy....and I was up half the night wondering if I now have my very own crazy stalker guy (Kori, you have ruined me've turned me into a basket case). Now, in Dave's defense, I have no idea if this is I have no idea where Dave lives. But when I couple all these things together.....Yeah, I'm a little freaked out. And now questioning how smart it is to be throwing "my life" out there and talking so intimately about my family for the world to see.

Am I being irrational? Maybe. But I don't care. I'm leaving this bloggy world for awhile. I may come back in the future but if I do it'll be to a more secure in maybe an invitation only blog. I'll have to look into that. I'll still be reading all your bloggy'll be seeing me around. Just not here for awhile.

Edited to add: As of right now, until I figure out what I'm going to do....I'm changing my comment settings. All comments will have to be approved by me before publishing. And Anonymous comments are no longer allowed. If you can't back up your comment with a name then you are not welcome here.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well....wasn't THAT fun....

I tried to turn off the comments. I tried to turn them off because although I believe most of you out there are kind and rational human beings I KNEW there would be that ONE person out there that would be insulting and UNkind. And of course I was right.

And as much as I would love to just let this go.......and be the bigger person......


Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most comments were very supportive and understanding. I appreciate that. Thank you.

I tried personally emailing many of you to reply back with a "thank you", an explanation, a clarification, or a hardy "FUCK YOU" but so many of them didn't go through that I'm just gonna reply to some of them right here on my post.

Some of the comments and emails are in reply is in black.....

You're Hot when you talk politics! Love Randy

***fanning my blushing cheeks*** Ummm...Randy, there is a very large part of me that is quite flattered. =) That part of me says "I love you man"......The remaining part of me has to say that this comment, coming from a man who would no doubt find Chinese-sumo-wrestling-porn "Hot", is just a little disturbing....but I still "love you man".....

Hey Mama Smurf - I'm neither republican or democrat because I can't vote - but if people quit reading your blog over a difference of opinion, they aren't people you want reading your blog anyway! Just because they don't agree with your politics doesn't mean you can't be friends. You did get me curious though - and unless you make over $608,000 a year (what do I know maybe you do) you won't pay a dime more in taxes than you do now.

Not true. He wants to raise taxes for any house hold salaries above.....oh wait....if I give you the number then I'm apparently shoving my family's income in everyone's lets just say that the income is significantly lower than the $608,000 that you suggested.

bahamamama is bang on. We don't care about your money or your political affiliations. We can be friends even if you do make a kazillion dollars, just don't put in our faces. OK? We love your blog rich or poor darling! Karen
While I certainly do appreciate your bloggy love I feel compelled to say that.....
1) If all you got from that post was the belief that I'm trying to shove my family's well fare in everyone's faces then either a) I failed miserably at getting my point across, or b) you have issues. And since I'm unsure which of those is true....I'll try again....
I didn't point out the fact that my family pays a ridiculous amount in taxes to shove it in anyone's face but to point out that while Biden would have the world believing that my husband and I are dead-beat Americans who aren't significantly supporting our country the truth is we give significantly more to this country than most. We've already given our right arm and now unless we also give our left one then we apparently aren't stepping up to the plate to do our "patriotic duty."
2) I find it interesting that Biden can insult my family's patriotism no questions asked....but my defending my family's patriotism is viewed as putting our comfortable-ness in your face.
3) If I were trying to shove my family's income and well fare in anyone's face I would have started spewing credentials and job titles and charitable causes like the person in the comment on.....
You were smart as to not allow comments on your political rant. I am sure it escaped you in your hate filled diatribe (I'll say it again, interesting that Biden can insult my family's patriotism but my defense is viewed as a "hate filled diatribe") at the way taxation in a democracy works, so we will allow that indiscretion pass and continue to read your blog. (how kind of you....truly....) We are sure that you continue to use the public highways, schools, parks and other lovely things that this country affords you to do. By the way, we all work our asses off and my husband makes a good buck himself. I might even wager that as a director of finance in a multi national communication firm that he hauls in more than most.Here is where you and I differ my dear: (OK...let's here it "hon"....Have I ever mentioned on this blog that one of my biggest pet peeves is being called "My Dear"...or "sweety"....or "honey" complete strangers who are being quite condescending and patronizing....just so you name is Mama Smurf) I keep it to myself,and refuse to shove it down peoples throats how successful he is. (ummm....I'm pretty sure you just made yourself look like a complete much for keeping it to yourself....) I love this country and proudly work to 50 hours a week in a low paying job, but a job that I love to do. Working for a huge charity gives me great joy.Although we paid in income tax and property tax well over $80K last year, we take pride in the fact that it supported so many worthwhile public projects. I am happy to pay taxes and I wish we could do more to help others.We are at a point in our lives where we have been successful and fortunate enough to allow me to be a SAHM while our kids grew (I just went back to work) and it pleases us to no end to continue to give others a leg up whenever we can. (Your martyr-dom is really quite nauseatingly admirable....**sticking my finger down my throat and gagging just a little**) Your selfish attitude puts you in a place almost by your lonesome in this day an age. (We also paid over 80K in taxes and I never once complained....or felt that I shouldn't have to's not the amount of taxes that we paid that pisses me off's this belief of entitlement that pisses me off....this Marxist belief that my family SHOULD pay more to bridge the gap in America by paying an even HIGHER percentage of taxes than we already do. My family is FAR from selfish. It's all over the media that in the last 10 years Biden has never given more than 0.001% of his yearly income to charitable causes. Do I begrudge him for that? No! Do I bash him for that? No! It's his CHOICE. My husband and I give FAR more to family, friends, strangers, church and charities of OUR CHOICE than the very man who claims that WE are not stepping up to the plate to do our "patriotic duty." So it seems you're not alone in your hypocrisy.) Get a grip on reality and realize that it is cooperation that is needed in turbulent times. The financial greedy (if wanting to put MY family first....MY three children first.....and THEIR college education and future security first makes me greedy....then so be it...I'll proudly wear that title....Hello, my name is Mama Smurf, and I am greedy) are subordinate.Anne CCA

And last but not least....

Bah. People will stop reading you for this?

Darling, I am a registered member of the Green party. The Green Party. (My previous comment about my pet peeve does not apply to you since you are actually being kind and constructive in your's MY blog and I make the rules =) And this post doesn't bother me in the least. It's perfectly legitimate to not want to give over money, which is labour, to someone else. It is perfectly legitimate to feel like that is unfair, and to be disappointed when someone questions, in a total non-sequtur (to use my son's quote...."big words hurt my brain"....I actually looked that word up in the dictionary...sequtur....yes, I'm a dork....and it's not there....but it sure sounded he said!), your patriotism for not wanting to put strangers before family.

Our political differences, yours and mine, lie simply in that I want a different unfair world than you do. Anyone trying to sell themselves as providing the fair answer is lying, and that's what bothers me most about politics.

I will not stop reading you. Keep writing whatever the hell you want on your blog, political or otherwise.


Shawn, I love you. I don't know you. But I love you. I love you for being a rational human being and not personally attacking me for sharing different beliefs. I love you for proving to me that there are SANE and psychologically stable people in this world who don't view my differing beliefs as a personal attack. I love you for stating in a very articulate way what I have inarticulately been trying to say for......forever.....

I would NEVER bash or personally attack someone for sharing different political beliefs. I realize that every one of us supports the candidate that we believe will focus on issues that are of greatest concern to us.

That is all.....

You may now continue with your regularly scheduled program.

I will turn comments back on. But be warned....any and ALL personal attacks on me and my family will be deleted. That's not to say that your CONSTRUCTIVE opposing views are not welcome. They are.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dear Senator Biden,

You lost my vote at "patriotic duty."

You say it's time to “take money and put it back in the pocket of middle-class people," I say....ummm.....our family's money doesn't BELONG in anyone else's pockets but our own. My husband works his ass off and earns every dollar he makes not for the welfare of the rest of the world but for the welfare of OUR family.

"It's time to be patriotic,” you said. “Time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of this rut."

Do NOT imply, Sen. Biden, that we are not patriotic.

So NOT imply, Sen. Biden, that we do not love our country.

Do NOT imply, Sen. Biden, that we haven't ALREADY been paying MORE than our fair share to the government.

Let's put this into perspective. My husband and I paid more in taxes last year than most Americans make in a year. And that's not enough???? You want more???? Are you KIDDING me???

Here's a novel about YOU quit spending OUR money so recklessly???

Quite Sincerely,

Obviously I've lost the capacity to keep my mouth shut any longer. So much for not talking politics on my blog. I'm going against my own damn rule. I completely realize that 90% of the people that read my blog are democratic to the core and many will be unable to let this fundamental difference in our beliefs slide by. I hope I'm wrong.... but if not....I'll miss you.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Devine intervention at it's best =)

I went to the park this morning to get in a 5 mile run. I wasn't happy about it. The weather is gorgeous. The sun is shining. But I'd rather be home with my windows open jamming to my radio. But I sucked it up and went anyway.

The parking lot is usually full with the cars of walkers, runners, bikers, and nature enthusiasts....and of course the transvestite freak that I cross paths with every now and then. But not today. The parking lot is empty save for the lone white Eyes & Ears car.

Hmmm...I wonder where everyone is today?

Walked down to the path....I stretched....not a sole passed by on the path. Strange. Ran .15 miles (my trusty Garmin told me so) in one direction and encountered a rather large fallen tree blocking the path. Oh man! Turned around to run in the other direction and made it .25 miles more before I found the path submerged in a lake from the 6 inches of rain that Mother Nature punished us with over the weekend.

I WALKED back to my car.

Running plan was officially aborted.

Divine intervention?

Someone upstairs didn't want me running today....

And I'm OK with that!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No title

I found this today while google searching the pros and cons of socialist health care. I found it very interesting and thought you might too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I had high hopes of washing all my carpets for this week's Tackle it Tuesday but I had to keep my daughter home from school today so that's not happening.

Which is fine because now I have a much more exciting and fun project to tackle.

My daughter wants to be a fairy for Halloween. I've been looking for cute fairy costumes but I just can't stand the store bought selections. Cheesy!

So for this weeks tackle I plan to turn all of this......

Into a fairy costume.

Just call me Martha.....

and wish me luck!

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I returned home from Joann Fabrics with the products pictured above at 1pm. It is now 2:55 and I'm ALREADY DONE!!! My daughter is tickled pink with the results and this was the easiest costume I've ever made. I did not have to stitch a single thing! I still have to trim the bottom as it's a little too long but all in all I'm very pleased!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Updates

It looks as though Italy is out. My chances of waking up in the mountains in a Tuscan styled villa, shopping in Milan (the mecca of shopping), sipping liquid mud in the local espresso bar, and going for a jog beside sun baked olive groves and vineyards is but a fading dream....*bows head and gives a dramatic sigh of disappointment*.....It seems my husband can't be spared in his office. are now considering moving. We've been going back and forth for over a year now wondering if we should move. We change our minds on a weekly....sometimes daily.....basis. the biggest issue I have with moving is my parents live right down the street from in....I can lean over right now and look out my office window to see if they're home. I'll miss living so close. If they weren't down the street from us we probably would have already moved. We wouldn't move far. We're looking in cities that are within 30 minutes north of our current home. We love our house but wish we had 4 bedrooms....and a 3 car garage would be lovely. We currently live in a 3 bedroom house. The boy's share a room and sleep in bunk beds and have a very small closet. We added an Ikea closet for more storage which has made their room incredibly snug. For the time being we're actually quite comfortable here but we foresee the day when the boys' are teenagers and still sleeping in bunk beds. Our house is not for sale....we're just looking with a realtor to see what's out there. We'll see.

I went back to the doc's this past Friday because antibiotic #1 was doing nothing for me. Still had a raging sinus infection and bronchitis. So I'm now on antibiotic #2. And dare I say that after 3 doses I'm feeling like I may finally be on the mend. Tomorrow will be 5 weeks. UGH.

Training for the marathon has been a little inconsistent due to the above. Was struggling to get the miles in. Ran 20 miles (in the pouring rain) last Sunday and although I was quite soggy and sporting several blisters on my actually felt much better than Traci and I anticipated. Ran 13 this morning (in the pouring rain). Next weekend is our last 20 miler and then the long weekend runs begin to taper for the final 3 weeks before the marathon. Really looking forward to having next weekend behind me.

What else?.....

It's been raining for the last 48 hours straight and we now have water pouring through the walls of our basement.

We spent yesterday afternoon at my husband's work "picnic" at a place called CJ Barrymores. They have all kinds of outdoor activities....go carts, bumper boats, rock wall climbing, bungee cord thingy, putt-putt, and more....but....

....due to the torrential down pours all of that was closed. The party was transferred to the indoors to play laser tag and arcade games. You can only do that for so long.

We skipped out poopers that we make a trip to Costco's for some groceries and a rather large impulse purchase. Please congratulate us as we have officially entered the 21st century by purchasing our very first wide-screened HD TV. Very exciting. We're doing our best to feed into the economy....good patriotic citizens that we are...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Republican, Democrat, or Southern Republican?

I don't talk politics on my blog...or in person for that matter. 90% of my family is democratic. I am not. I call myself a republican with democratic tendencies.

I have found over the years (albeit a little late) that people get entirely too fired up over the issues and take it VERY personally when you don't agree with them. I think it's ridiculous. If you're going to get pissy with me over my views...then quite frankly....we weren't meant to be friends. So I, for the most part, keep my views to myself.

A couple years ago I received this email below that had me in tears laughing hysterically. It's lame....I know.....but in an effort to lighten up the barrage of serious political blog posts and perhaps put a smile on someone's face I've decided to share it with you.


You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children.

Suddenly, an Islamic Terrorist with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, praises Allah, raises the knife, and charges at you.

You are carrying a Glock .40 calibre, and you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family.

What do you do?

Republican's Answer:


Democrat's Answer:

Well, that's not enough information to answer the question!
Does the man look poor or oppressed?
Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack?
Could we run away?
What does my wife think?
What about the kids?
Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of his hand?
What does the law say about this situation?
Does the Glock have appropriate safety built into it?
Why am I carrying a loaded gun anyway, and what kind of message does this send to society and to my children?
Is it possible he'd be happy with just killing me?
Does he definitely want to kill me, or would he be content just to wound me?
If I were to grab his knees and hold on, could my family get away while he was stabbing me?
Should I call 9-1-1?
Why is this street so deserted?
We need to raise taxes, have paint and weed day and make this happier, healthier street that would discourage such behavior.
This is all so confusing! I need to debate this with some friends for a few days and try to come to a consensus.......

Southern Republican Answer:

BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Click..... (Sounds of reloading) BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Click "Damn! I'm out!"

Daughter: "Nice pattern Daddy! Were those the Silver Tips, black talons, or them new Hollow Points?"
Son: "Can I shoot the next one Daddy?"
Wife: "You ain't takin' THAT to no Taxidermist!"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My yesterday:

6:30 - My alarm goes off. Shower and get dressed.

6:50 - 7:45 - Wake up boys. Boys get ready for school while I make lunches and get ready for the day myself.

7:45 - Boys leave for bus.

7:50 - Wake up #3.

7:50 - 8:50 - Get #3 dressed, fed, teeth and hair brushed, lunch made, snack ready, fill out Scholastic Book form and write check.

8:50 - Drive her to school.

9:00 - 2:30pm = (my time) =)

9:00-11:00 - Go back home and clean and throw in a load of laundry.

11:00 - 2:00 - Met with realitor to look at houses.

2:30 - Went home to start preparing dinner.

3:00 - Pack up 3 dinners to be eaten in the car. (FYI, McDonalds is highly underrated)

3:30 - Pick up boys from bus stop and then head over immediately to #3's school.

3:50 - #3 gets out of school. We drive to gymnastics with all 3 kids eating their dinner in the car.

4:10 - Arrive at gymnastics 10 minutes late.

4:30 - Drive to dance supply store to get #3 ballet shoes.

5:00 - Drive to book store to get #1 Sword of Shannara book.

5:30 - Drive to store to get #2 some pants (all his pants seem to be floods....could he possibly be actually growing?)

6:00 - Head over to #3's dance class...a little early...because she has to change into her dance clothes.

6:30 - Ballet class starts.

6:50 - Drive back to gymnastics (1/2 mile away) to pick up boys.

7:10 - Arrive back at dance class with complaining boys in tow. Boys sit at the table at dance to do their homework.

7:30 - Ballet ends.

7:45 - Arrive home.

8:00 - Boys finish homework and all take turns taking showers and getting snacks.

9:00 - Everyone to bed.

9:30 - My feet hurt

10:00 - Out cold.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just reinforcing the misconceptions.....

This post is for all who commented on my Tackle it Tuesday post.

To those who commented on the cleanliness of my kitchen.

I just wanted to say that yes....yes, my kitchen counters aaaalways look like that. There are NEVER dirty dishes in the sink. There are NEVER fingerprints and clumps of food on my appliances. You will NEVER find dried up splattered milk spots on my counters. The stove is ALWAYS wiped clean from yesterdays dinner. Mail and magazines and school papers and receipts and coupons and loose change and toys and dirty dishes and books and screws and screw drivers and pencils and pens and appliance manuals and drieduppermanentlygluedon fruity pebbles and toaster crumbs and purses and plastic bags filled with my note books and calendar and books to read for my extracurricular waiting room time will neeeevvvvver be found on my kitchen counters.

Because I think that's just disgusting.

And for anyone who finds these things on their counters on a daily should get your act together.


That is all.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

All right. The kids are all in school ALL DAY!! I'm getting back on the Tackle It Tuesday band wagon! I have a list a mile long of planned projects and didn't waist any time in getting started.

I'm on a mission to be a doityourselfer. I (theoretically) love doing home improvement projects. Although, my repertoire of do it yourself knowledge has been limited to painting up until now. I love to paint and transform rooms. I would love to know how to do other home improvement retiling an entire bathroom....replacing vanities and sinks....replumbing my master bathroom to add a two sink vanity (to replace the single sink vanity that's in there now). So, now that all the kids are in school full time I've decided to learn. I started with a small project. A tile backsplash in my kitchen. I'm DONE!!! Well....almost. The switch plates are on order and should be in sometime today. I'll edit this later and post pictures of the final step once I have them on.

The before photos: No backsplash. Just wallpaper.

Step one: Remove wallpaper. (Completed on Wednesday)

Step 2: Glue tile on. Completed Thursday.

Step 3: Let glue and tile set for 24 hours before grouting....then apply grout. Completed Saturday.

Be sure to leave a HUGE mess of splattered grout over every surface. This is very important.

Step 4: Let grout set for 24 - 48 hours.

Step 5: Apply sealer. Completed yesterday.

All done!

Monday, September 8, 2008

6 more things about me

Katie from Happy2bme tagged me for a 6 random and 6 quirky things about me meme. I love these but I'm totally running out of things to tell you about me. But since I'm fresh out of blog material I'll give it my best shot.

1. I'm reading over my
100 things about me posted back in April to refresh my memory on the things that I've already disclosed about myself. I reread #20 and laughed because 5 months later I STILL have that same damn ugly clock hanging on my wall without batteries. I really need to do something about that!

2. When I was a kid my all time FAVorite show was Mr. Dressup. I read a blog post a while back (and I can't remember which blog) where she posted songs or tunes that reminded her of her childhood. The Mr. Dressup jingle is THE #1 tune that reminds me of my childhood.

3. When I was like 8 or 9 years old I used to hang out with the neighborhood bully. She was really mean. Even to me. She used to beat me up on a regular basis. In the middle of a bitter cold winter day she told me to lick the fence pole to see what would happen. I did. My tongue stuck to the pole and she wouldn't help me. Her brother had to go in the house to get a cup of warm water to pour over my tongue. She scarred me for life. Jump to the 7th minute in the video below.

4. That same girl used to have a collection of boogers on the wall next to her bed. Yes...a collage of dried up boogers of various shades of green and brown. When I would spend the night at her house I insisted on sleeping on her floor for that reason. Which is technically not about me per say but I'm really struggling here to come up with more "things" about me.

5. Me and 5 other kids (including my younger brother) used to walk to and from school when I was in 3rd - 5th grade. It was .75 miles from my house to the school. I just mapped it out. Back then it was no big deal. Could you imagine letting your kid do that these days?

6. My first crush was Stephen Pearcy. I (just now) had to go look up his name because I had no idea what it was....I always just referred to him as Ratt. I used to watch MTV all day long waiting for this video (below) to come on.

If you want to know more about me you can find more useless tidbits in the posts below....or the 100 things about me linked in #1. I think technically I'm suppose to come up with another 6 quirky things but I'm lumping these all together in one. I'm a rebel.

And since I'm kind of cheating I'll answer any burning questions you have about me. Well...most any...ask away....

7 more things about me

13 things about me

7 more things about me

Oh yeah! I'm suppose to tag 6 more people to participate but I'll just say if you're reading this and are interested in playing along go for it and leave a comment letting us know.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bloggy funk updates

I'm in a serious blog funk. I just can't be bothered lately. With posting that is. I still love and enjoy reading everyone else's blogs but taking the time out of my day to create a post of my own? Yeah, not so much. My new found independence is getting in the way. With no kids around there's so much more I'd rather be doing. Sitting at the computer all day seems like a shameful waste of alone time.

So, here's some updates.

1. No news on Italy. I'm kinda thinking it isn't gonna happen. Papa Smurf hasn't pursued a conversation with his boss because he was busy all week playing catch up at work since our vacation. He says that he'll approach it by asking if an overseas assignment will help him advance in his career. If the answer is "no" then he won't pursue it. If the answer is "yes" then he'll take the Italy opportunity more seriously. My Italian language classes start this Monday and I'm SO geeked! We now have a group of 5 family members in on this class. It kind of snow balled.

2.Papa Smurf and I are now considering moving. Which is really kinda silly in this housing market. We went looking at houses last weekend for shits and giggles and now have the moving bug. We found our dream house.....for a mere 1.7 million dollars....*gasp*....just a smidge out of our price range. I think we've decided to spend the next year preparing our house to put on the market...sort of a "design to sell" period of time....with small upgrades and renovations. We'll see what happens. That's assuming this Italy thing doesn't happen, which, like I said, seems like a pipe dream at this point.

3. I finally made it to the Doc's yesterday. Remember this post? That month ago. And, yeah, I'm still is hubby. Papa Smurf hit our neighbor (a doctor) up a few days ago for a prescription and I finally caved in and made a trip to my doctor. Turns out I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. Who knew?

4. I'm suppose to run 20 miles tomorrow.....TWENTY! Did I mention I have bronchitis? Yeah. Training for this marathon has been a HUGE problem lately. Totally struggling with getting in the miles.

5. First week of school has gone great. Smurflings are back into a am I. I like routine. Routine is good. I find I'm much more productive when I have a schedule. And no kids to clean up after. Or feed. Or referee. My first week of independence was spent on a home improvement project. Still have a few finishing touches to complete but should have photos and a post ready sometime early next week. I'm hoping to have it done for my first "Tackle it Tuesday" project in almost 3 months....I'm long overdue for a good tackle.

6. Oh yeah! And K, one of my favorite people IRL, has recently had a beautiful baby boy. She delivered 2 days before we left for our vacation...they were SUPPOSE to go on the trip with us until she went and got knocked up!....the nerve....=). And so....between that vacation and now being sick I have YET to meet their newest addition. You MUST go on over and check out the gorgeous photo shoot proofs she has posted. Amazing. And I get to hold that little bundle tomorrow! I can't wait to meet him!

And that's all for now.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bring on the empty nest!

For the past few days I've been reading a lot of blogs and tweets full of sad moms shipping off their little ones to school. I must be a selfish, cold hearted bitch. I was thinking to myself I the ONLY mom in the world that is happy to ship my clan off to be cared for, entertained, and educated by another human being? Seriously? I have been anticipating the day that I could spend the entire day all to myself in silence to do whatever the hell I want to do ALL BY MYSELF for several years now. The idea of being able to keep my house clean for more than 12 hours at a time is enough to bring tears to my eyes. I could spend my days sitting in the bookstore or library and reading. I could sit in a Starbucks with my laptop and a cup of coffee and be all cool and shit. Maybe I'll take piano lessons. Maybe I'll take some photography courses. And grocery shopping all. by. my. self? think I just had a little "O"!!!!

So, while the rest of the women in blog land have been writing about their empty nest sorrows I sat at my computer with a huge Cheshire grin on my face fantasizing about how I'd spend my first day without children. It's like taking out a whole new lease on life. I've had my to-do list prepared for 3 weeks folks. I've been one happy woman anticipating this day. It's been 12 years people. 12 years.

So yesterday was a half day. I stood at the bus stop with my kids and 8 other mothers and saw my boys off to school with a smile on my face. The bus drove off and I jumped up and clicked my heals together in a joyous celebration....2 down one to go. I took my daughter to her class and met her teacher. And then came home after an hour and a half WITH my daughter. So the 1st day of school really WASN'T the 1st day of school in my book.

Before bed last night my daughter picked out her outfit for today and carefully placed them on her dresser.

Mumma, do these shoes match? She asked.


K. I'm gonna wear these tomorrow. She then carefully unfolded a pair of socks, tucked a sock into each shoe, and placed the shoes next to the outfit.

Smurfette jumped out of bed this morning and got dressed, ate breakfast, and had her hair and teeth brushed in 15 minutes flat.

Is it time to leave yet, mumma?

How much longer, mumma?

Can we just leave now and wait in the car, mumma?

Today is gonna be a good day mumma. A whole day with no mumma. (grinning from ear to ear).

Smurfette is not attending the same school as the boys. We chose a different school so she could attend a full day kindergarten (our home school does not offer full day). There were no familiar faces. No friends for either of us. We waited in line outside the classroom and all the while I was anticipating my first day by myself.

Hmmmm.....what will I do first?

I was chatting with Smurfette about her day.

Don't forget your snack is in your lunch box.

I'll be right outside those doors when it's time to go.

If you get separated from your class and don't know where to go just go to the office and tell them you're lost.

If you don't hear the teacher call you in from recess go around to the front doors because the other doors are locked from the outside.

Make sure you eat your lunch or you'll be hungry.

The more I talked the more nervous I made MYSELF. My daughter was fine. Cool as a cucumber. And out of NOwhere I felt the tears coming.

Don't cry

Don't cry

Don't cry

For cry'n out loud you've been looking forward to this day for the past year and you've been through this twice know the drill....


Mumma, why does it look like you're crying?


Oh, I'm fine honey. Just a little sad. I'll miss you today.

Oh mumma, don't be sad, you can come pick me up in a little while.

And the tears just started flow'n.

So there you have it. Bitter-sweet.

When I went back this afternoon to pick her up she was looking very intently at my face. After several seconds she says "Mumma, did you cry all day?"

"No, honey, I didn't. I was fine."

" you forgot about me?"

"Nope, I thought about you all day. I was wondering all day how your first day of school was going and how you were doing."

"I was fine mumma."

So for my first day of school....I went running, and then came home and showered, and then caught up on some blog reading, and then I measured my kitchen walls, and then I went to the tile store and bought tile and supplies for my kitchen back-splash project, and then I came home and started (and finished) tearing down the wall paper.

What did YOU do for your first day of school?