Monday, September 8, 2008

6 more things about me

Katie from Happy2bme tagged me for a 6 random and 6 quirky things about me meme. I love these but I'm totally running out of things to tell you about me. But since I'm fresh out of blog material I'll give it my best shot.

1. I'm reading over my
100 things about me posted back in April to refresh my memory on the things that I've already disclosed about myself. I reread #20 and laughed because 5 months later I STILL have that same damn ugly clock hanging on my wall without batteries. I really need to do something about that!

2. When I was a kid my all time FAVorite show was Mr. Dressup. I read a blog post a while back (and I can't remember which blog) where she posted songs or tunes that reminded her of her childhood. The Mr. Dressup jingle is THE #1 tune that reminds me of my childhood.

3. When I was like 8 or 9 years old I used to hang out with the neighborhood bully. She was really mean. Even to me. She used to beat me up on a regular basis. In the middle of a bitter cold winter day she told me to lick the fence pole to see what would happen. I did. My tongue stuck to the pole and she wouldn't help me. Her brother had to go in the house to get a cup of warm water to pour over my tongue. She scarred me for life. Jump to the 7th minute in the video below.

4. That same girl used to have a collection of boogers on the wall next to her bed. Yes...a collage of dried up boogers of various shades of green and brown. When I would spend the night at her house I insisted on sleeping on her floor for that reason. Which is technically not about me per say but I'm really struggling here to come up with more "things" about me.

5. Me and 5 other kids (including my younger brother) used to walk to and from school when I was in 3rd - 5th grade. It was .75 miles from my house to the school. I just mapped it out. Back then it was no big deal. Could you imagine letting your kid do that these days?

6. My first crush was Stephen Pearcy. I (just now) had to go look up his name because I had no idea what it was....I always just referred to him as Ratt. I used to watch MTV all day long waiting for this video (below) to come on.

If you want to know more about me you can find more useless tidbits in the posts below....or the 100 things about me linked in #1. I think technically I'm suppose to come up with another 6 quirky things but I'm lumping these all together in one. I'm a rebel.

And since I'm kind of cheating I'll answer any burning questions you have about me. Well...most any...ask away....

7 more things about me

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7 more things about me

Oh yeah! I'm suppose to tag 6 more people to participate but I'll just say if you're reading this and are interested in playing along go for it and leave a comment letting us know.


Kelly said...

Tammy.......okay we are soooo even now. Stephan Pearcy!!!!! (well I'm sure you are way over your crush now so I will at least give you that) You don't know how hard I am laughing right now!!!!I can't believe you admitted this on a place I would actually read it!!! Def Leppard could of kicked Ratt's ass any day!!!!! I love youl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kori said...

Snickering loudly here...I never knew that guys name either, ha ha.

Mama Zen said...

Stephen Pearcy was hot! Sadly, I think that I can still name all of the members of Ratt.

Carol said...

A collection of bogies? Seriously. That is revolting.

Loved the random insight into your life!

Kristin H. said...

Have you ever found out what happened to the bully?

Dana said...

love this one... I always love learning new info about my Bloggy friends!

OHmommy said...

See and this is why memes are fun. You get to learn so much more about the blogger themselves.

April said...

The boogers thing? I threw up in my mouth a little.

Suzie said...

I hate to say but I had a booger collection too. Please dont tell anyone

Happy2bme said...

ohmigosh a booger collection!?! YUCK!!

As for Stephan Pearcy, I can't say I ever knew that was his name. haha - but I was a fan of their hits. I was a big hair band fan during that era. I was head over heels for Mark Slaughter.