Thursday, February 21, 2008

Less than 2 days left

Another gorgeous day...the hotest one yet...not a cloud in the sky. Spent the day at yet another pool area...the consensis is that this was our favorite pool area. Spent 4 hours there and Hefty and Dreamy Smurf went on some more water slides but we all had to call it quits early as Hefty and Papa Smurf have sun poison bumps all over their upper bodies. I guess there is such thing as TOO much sun.

So now we're gonna chill in our room for awhile and get washed up for dinner before dumping...I mean dropping off....the kids at the kids' escape for another night of fun at the casino....we've continued hearing the complaints about the kids escape all day...."they fed us stale pretzels.....they only gave us 1/2 cup of water......we couldn't use the bathroom except for designated bathroom breaks" be honest, and in all fairness to the kids.... it really does sound like a poorly run kids program....but, damn it, I want some adult time!

Tomorrow is our dolphin day and then we still hope to make it down town for the "fish fry" for dinner.'s almost over....only 1 more day left before returning to cold snowy dreary MI. We've decided we want to retire and live on one of these huge yachts that are down on the boat can dream....last night I was playing black jack next to a guy that is down here for a month. He's a boat captain for 4 of those said yachts. Maybe that's what we should do...quit Dan's job and learn how to captain someone elses boat.

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