Tuesday, February 12, 2008

pity post

I think I have the flu. I'm miserable. Wallowing in self pitty miserable. I haven't slept in 2 days. I've had 2 days of the achey fever and the right side of my face hurts...my eye, my ear, my neck, my sinus.....it just hurts. I've overdosed on every cold medicine you can imagine...I took NyQuil THREE times last night. Enough to knock out a horse but not enough to knock me out. All I know is this better be gone by Saturday! Called to get in to see the doc and of course he's not in tomorrow...gotta see some Joe-Shmo instead. I hate that because I know my doctor well enough that I think I could persuade him into giving me an antibiotic even though this is probably just a "let it run it's course virus"....just in-case....so that I'm not miserable on Saturday when we leave for vacation if I don't need to be. But every time I see a Joe-Shmo...they won't do it....drives me crazy!

Even though I feel I may possibly (quite certainly) be dying....we're still leaving on Saturday. So s--t still has to get done. Hubby says to me...."OMG I'm so excited I can't wait to leave....my reply was "I'll be excited when we get there...right now I'm just stressed about it".....his reply?...."STRESSED!? HOW CAN YOU BE STRESSED! YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO TRAVEL!"....yeah ok buddy....all you have to do between now and Saturday is wake up Saturday morning to a limo escort! I'M THE ONE THAT HAS TO DO ALL THE WORK!! AND IT'S STRESSFUL! AND I'M SICK!!!!!! AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS CURL UP ON THE COUCH AND FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF....BUT I CAN'T!

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