Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Are you gonna put some make-up on?

I worked out this morning. When I finished and came back up stairs Smurfette gives me a once over and says...
S: uh, mom.... are you gonna help in my class today?
me: yep
S: and are you going to put normal clothes on?
me: laughing - why whats wrong with what I have on?
S: your clothes need to match mom.(with a look like...duhhh)
me: my clothes do match
S: why don't you wear the shirt you had on yesterday.
me: why? it's dirty now...I just wore it.
S: because it's pretty & I like it. & you need some make-up too.

OMG...where does she get this?! This was her 5 y/o way of saying "uh look like shit right now and if you think for one second you're going to come to my classroom in front of all my friends looking like THAT you're sorely mistaken!"

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