Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're back. So sad. Vacation is over. Have I mentioned I hate Michigan? So I'll recap our last couple days....

Thursday.....The second day at the Kids Escape went pretty much as expected...they hated be honest I think they kinda enjoyed it but at this point there was no way in hell we'd get them to admit it. Smurfette admitted to making a couple friends...and Hefty Smurf was able to get on a computer...& Dreamy Smurf was just too tired to comment. BUT....Papa Smurf & I had a great time! We went straight to the casino...1st stop...the slots! I put a 20 into the same machine that hubby hit on the previous night and won $155!!! Yeah! Took that $155 and played all night long (well, for 4 hours anyway....because at 10pm we turn into pumpkins) on the black jack table! Even walked away with $75 of it! It was a great night for us.

Friday....Anthony's Grill for breakfast...again....Then we came back and did a little packing and a little bit of relaxing until it was time for the Dolphin Swim. Which really was more of a Dolphin "pet" than a Dolphin "swim"...but the kids had fun and enjoyed it. Smurfette was afraid to kiss the dolphin. But she participated in the rest of it. Papa Smurf stood on the side lines and took pictures. We got to meet the 8 month old dolphin baby...Smurfette enjoyed that. When it was over we took a taxi to the fish fry. My only complaint about this trip is the food. It's just not that good. And for what we're paying for it...I guess I was at least hoping to enjoy it....not so much. Even the food at the fish fry was a bit of a disappointment. After our dinner we went into town to do some shopping only to discover that all the shops close up by 5:30. We walked through the "straw market" as they were closing up to get some t-shirts and hats for the kids.

And that was it. We came back to the hotel and packed. Anticlimactic end to a fabulous vacation. Papa smurf and I spent a good part of the evening on the balcony soaking in the heat and the background tropic sounds of the ocean and reggae music...ho hum. This is the first vacation that we've ever taken that I wasn't ready at the end of the trip to come home. We've all decided we're gonna move there...Papa Smurf's gonna quit his job and we'll move into a little shack on the water...just kidding. As fabulous as the trip was...I don't think I could live allergies were horrible all week. I guess that's my 2nd complaint about the trip. The rooms were not very impressive. You already heard about our first room. They must have prepared our new room with air fresheners before we got there because by the end of the next day it started smelling just as bad as the first one. The kids' room had a leaky air conditioner that dripped all night long...I'm wondering if the damp carpet from the leaky air conditioner wasn't the cause of the musty odor. Anyway...the mustiness of the rooms killed time we take this trip we'll be sleeping in better rooms. I unpacked the suitcases last night to get started on the laundry and that same musty odor has infiltrated all our clothes.

So back to reality. We've decided that the reason this vacation was so incredible is because it's the 1st vacation we've taken in the middle of our winter. Our 1st February vacation. So, we've decided to repeat this trip yearly...not necessarily to the Bahamas but at least a warm destination. We've already decided on the Disney Cruise for next February.

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