Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is an "Air-head" the same thing as a "Scatter brain"?

I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm an air-head...but I completely concede to being a scatter brain. I'm almost more embarrassed to admit that I found my credit card...you know, the one I left in New Jersey....than I was to admit that I lost it again. Where did I find it? Right in the front pocket of my purse where I always keep it and looked for it 5 times. How did I miss it? I have no idea. It was wrapped in the Applebee's receipt. I have no recollection of the entire bill paying process at Applebees. I have no recollection of paying the bill or of wrapping the receipt around the card or of tucking the receipt and card back in my purse. What does all of this prove? The whole Law of Attraction theory! I was in a pissy mood with a pissy attitude. I was flustered at the whole weekend experience and so I probably looked for the card in a frenzy of frustrated negativity and overlooked it. Had I had a better and more patient and positive attitude I know I would have taken my time and found it. That's how "The Secret" works. I think I need to watch it again for a refresher.

My mom told me when I dropped Smurfette off at her house last week for my weekend scrapbooking slumber party that Smurfette was crying. She said she "missed me because I'm her best parent". heehee.

Smurfette is feeling better today. No more vomiting. Kept her home from school anyway just to be safe. She's been running around all day so I'm thinking it was probably the same short lived stomach bug Hefty had a couple weeks ago.

Papa Smurf's out of town this week until Friday night. In fact, he was gone before we even returned from Philly. So, I'm playing the single parent role for a few more days. It's very difficult for me to get back that positive energy while playing the single parent. I'm trying real hard. I desperately need to start running again...either that or start drinking!

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Randy and Kelly English said...

the credit card was next to your IPOD. muuuaaaaahhhhahhhh!!!!!!!!!