Wednesday, January 16, 2008

7:30 wake up call

Well, Kelly, I'm glad I'm amusing SOMEone as it appears your my only loyal blog follower...LOL! You need to start one too!

It was 7:30 this morning...sun hadn't even fully were still rushing around the house getting ready for school...I still had my jammies on...and was still sporting the Medusa hair style...with smudges of black eyeliner under my lids (I was too tired last night to even bother washing my makeup off)....and the door bell chimes. I'm thinking who the hell is ringing my door bell at 7:30 in the morning. It was the guys here to install my new counters. I said "dude, it's like 7:30 in the morning why the hell so early?..." to which he replies "actually, I've been sitting in your driveway for the last 15 minutes because it was still dark outside and I figured 7:15 was too early"....."'re right....but 7:30 (a whole 15 minutes later) is MUCH better." Oh well, counters look great & I'm thrilled to have our bowling alley counter tops out of here! I spent the morning during their installation high as a kite on fumes from whatever chemicals they were using in my kitchen. I seriously felt light headed and dizzy from it. I'm guessing that's why the guys installing the counters looked a little brain damaged...too much exposure. I started hallucinating on the couch thinking they were probably using some fumes that would make me pass out so they could rob us blind...I kept thinking I'll just close my eyes for a few minutes...and then thinking "no...I can't...they'll kidnap Smurfette..."...I was seriously scaring myself. They also barely spoke English...they kept speaking some other I might hear and understand a word or two....I think they were laughing at my They probably show up at the butt crack of dawn on purpose to see how many house wives they can catch off guard in their skivies. I'm sounding paranoid...and this is precisely why I could never do drugs...they make me paranoid.

I officially resigned from my job today. I seriously hope my mother's not reading this...she'll have a nervous breakdown if she does. I haven't worked in 7 months....I can't work during the week because I have Smurfette here...and I can't work on the weekends because of our meet travel schedule...and on the rare weekends that we DONT have travel plans...quite frankly, I don't WANT to work. So in 2009 when Smurfette's officially in school full time...1st grade....I'll reconsider going back. So ma....don't worry....we're doing just fine on Papa Smurf's income!

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