Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm're wrong...nah nah.....

I'm back. Returned home Sunday afternoon after a wonderfully relaxing, yet sleep deprived, weekend scrapbooking slumber party at my friend Kelly's house. Four grown women scrapbooking all day in their jammies with no meals to cook, no children to escort, and no-one to cater to....all of us even treated ourselves to a back massage on Saturday night...we had a massage therapist come to her was beautiful!

One of the topics of conversation...."what is your (and each of your family members') favorite word to say. I can honestly say that I had never even thought about it but I told them I'd find out and post the answers in my blog....exciting conversation piece! So last night my family went out to dinner at Applebee's and I asked the question. Papa Smurf's immediate answer is "I don't have one, I guess 'money'"....I said "no, a word you like to say not something you just like" he said..."ok....." Holy shit I've already forgotten what his answer's that for senile! I'll have to get back to that one...Hefty's answer was "Medulla Oblongata"....and Dreamy's answer was "pituitary"...those answers are from last year's science lessons on the human body. I actually remember Dreamy just blurting out (repeatedly) the word "pituitary" in a very nerdy and nasily was hilarious...apparently he never forgot it. Smurfettes's answer was "princess...and Barbie"....hmmmmmm....I don't think she understood the question. As for me....I still go back to "pachycephalosaurus"....and "blogger" is pretty fun to say too....or how about ......AH HA....I JUST REMEMBERED!....Mufasa! That was Papa Smurf's answer! Actually, his answer was "Mufasta from the Lion King"....I said "Honey, it's Mufasa, not Mufasta"...the entire family then ganged up on me telling me how wrong I was and "wanna bet...come on lets bet"...I said "no, I don't want to bet but I'm telling you it is Mufasa"....SO! I just googled it....AND I'M RIGHT!!...and now no one is home (boys are at their friends' and Papa Smurf is at work) so I have no one here to rub their noses in it...damn, they sucked the glory right out of that one! But rest assured, when they all get home I will have my moment...LOL...I may have to regress to my toddler years and say "NAH NAH" and hold my thumb on my nose while wriggling my fingers!

This morning I was lounging on the couch watching my TIVOed episode of Oprah from last Friday and started crying at the story of one of her guests. I must be PMSing because it was just a financial crisis story with a Suzie Orman guest appearance...certainly doesn't seem worthy of tears...but Oprah was crying too and so it must have been justified LOL! Anyway, Smurfette walks into the room and says "Mama, don't cry, today is a good day"....LOL! Oh my sweet make me laugh!


Randy and Kelly English said...

I completely forgot about the word thing I will have to ask this evening.

Traci said...

Tammy, I love it!!!
Those words are too funny!!
Hope everyone had a good laugh!!!