Thursday, January 3, 2008


I can't sleep anymore. I think this past couple weeks may have ruined my sleep pattern for life. I tried going to sleep around 11. Couldn't get comfortable. 11:30 David Letterman comes on so I gave up the fight. I love David Letterman but usually can't make it till then to watch the show. I gotta say....I usually find facial hair on a man repulsive but Dave actually looks better with it. Go figure. Letterman ended and I still couldn't fall asleep so I layed in bet with my head do sudoku tired of sudoku puzzles after awhile and switched to crosswords....could barely keep my eyes open so around 1:30 I decided to try again....layed awake in bed until well after 2:30. And then had to wake up at 6:45 this morning to get everyone off to school. I had high hopes of starting my work outs this morning after shipping Smurfette off to school but ended up taking a nap on the couch instead! Got up and now I have a HUGE batch of homemade low fat chicken and veggie soup brewing on the stove to start my healthy eating New Year....made hubby take the 10 pound bag of peanut m&ms to work to get them the hell out of my house......I mean CAR! Yes...I keep a ready supply of peanut m&ms in my car at all times and then wonder why I can't shed a pound....hmmmmmmmm....Came home from the gymnastics run with the kids last night and Papa smurf asks what I had for dinner....I held up the 10 pound bag of peanut m&ms......ugh!

Dreamy Smurf woke up Wednesday morning ....sits at the kitchen table......looks out the window and screaches in delight at all the snow.....the snow that fell MONDAY night. LMAO. He was glued to the TV downstairs for almost 6 hours straight on Tuesday watching the "Monk" marathon....His new favorite TV show...I think he relates to Monk......He "gets" Monk....LOL! By the time he came upstairs it was dark out and so he never realized it sad is that. Now in my own defense as a mother I have to say that after them not getting any sleep for the previous 2 nights I let them just veg all day....they didn't even wake up until after I wasn't all that concerned about them sitting in front of the tube all day. So yesterday they spent 3 hours outside building a snow fort.

Smurfette had her first sleep over Tuesday night. Her friend from down the street spent the night. This girl is Dreamy Smurf's age but she plays so nice with Smurfette. Smurfette always wants to call her to play & I usually say no because she's so much older that I keep thinking that she wouldn't want to. But her mother assured me that she loves we gave it a try and they did great. It was really cute watching the girly laughing and giggling.

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Randy and Kelly English said...

Those are normal sleep patterns for me. Welcome to my world!