Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The new and improved organized me!

Spent the past weekend doing NOTHING! It felt really good to get some things done around the house that we've been neglecting since the holiday season began full swing... we Papa Smurf popped the counters off in the kitchen to prepare them for removal...our new counters are being installed next week. I organized a few junk drawers ...3 in our kitchen and 1 in our bathroom. Are we the only people who have junk drawers in every room of our house. After seeing my cousins obsessively compulsively organized junk drawer mine has been really bugging me. My cousin's junk drawer is organized alphabetized and compartmentalized with nothing out of place! I got aggravated this weekend because I couldn't open the darn thing (weren't we just talking about this on New Years!?) and broke the plastic scotch tape holder because I was trying to force gently & patiently open the thing....it opened....and half the drawer fell out the back side...it was time! The "junk" drawer in the kids bathroom is next on the list. I opened it and found a number of empty candy bar wrappers. Apparently this is where the kids hide the evidence. Along with the wrappers were huge chunks of dried up toothpaste covered in matted hair. It's truly about as disgusting as it gets and one of those spots in the house that I'd be completely mortified if someone from the outside world saw! Then the 2 baskets of mittens, gloves, hats and scarfs in our foyer comes next...overflowing with nearly 50 single gloves without a match...there's even infant sized hats and mittens still in there...it's obviously been awhile. I'm going to try to clean out one cupboard, closet or drawer each day! This is the new organized me...I can't even type that with a straight face!

Spent all day yesterday on the phone catching up on making appointments that I've been neglecting since before the holidays. Hair cut appointments, Yearly doctors visits, Pet Hotel reservations for Gracie during our gymnastics travel season, spent a while on the phone with the travel agent finalizing annual girls trip info, bought tickets to see the Spirit of the Marathon show, made an apt. to finally get our couches cleaned....FYI, the fabric protection life time guarantee that Art Van offers does NOT include Silly Putty...of course....so we're stuck with a neon green spot between the cushions...can't see it unless you actually sit on the couch. Maybe if I take a red marker to it it won't be so obvious? The phone was pretty much glued to my ear for most of the day. It felt good to knock all these things off my list. The new organized non-procrastinating me....LMAO!

Then I spent the afternoon helping out in Smurfette's preschool classroom. She said to me...
"I'm glad you get to help in the class today cause that means you won't ask me what I did...you'll already know".
Getting information from my boys about their school day has always been like pulling teeth. And Smurfette is proving to be no different. There must be an art to extracting this information from children because I hear from other parents that their kids go on and on about every last detail of their day...not my kids!

The next few weekends are busy with travel. We're leaving this Thursday for Chicago for the boys' meet. I'm going on a weekend scrapping escape (complete with massage) the following weekend. Then driving to PA the weekend after that for another meet! Let the fun begin!

PS...I'm so excited to finally learn how to do the line through the word thing...it's the little things in life!

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