Friday, April 18, 2008

Flash Back Friday

I just love this Flashback Friday idea! Today I'm flashing back to 1991 and I think a couple of these are from 1993. I don't have many pictures left as we lost a bunch of photos in a basement flood. But here's what I have left. This is my college dorm room our 2nd year. Our first year dorm room looked like a prison cell. So we spiced it up the next year with contact papered walls and furniture from the Salvation Army.

This picture is probably the ONLY picture we have showing a clean room as me and my roommate were complete and total slobs. The girls down the hall used to come to our room to clean it was THAT bad!
The year of big hair, big dreams, big mistakes, and HUGE fun. OMG someone should have saved me from myself when I decided that this dress looked good. What was I thinking!

It was the summer of 1991 that I met hubby.. I knew within the first couple hours of meeting him that he was the one that I wanted to spend my life with. I was immediately attracted to his sense of humor, his wit, his intelligence, his sincerity, and he had just a touch of the "bad boy" thing goin' on. And those teeth...those perfect teeth, lips, and smile! I guess I shoulda mentioned in my 100 things post that I also have a thing for and am a total sucker for nice teeth and smiles....this is almost as significant as my thing for feet. We look so darn young in these pictures!

Hubby & I met in June and when August came around he left me and Michigan to attend Florida Southern College. It was his father's Alma Mater. He had made the decision to try this college out before meeting me. In October he surprised me with a visit. We missed each other horribly and so he flew home to surprise and be with me and stayed in my dorm room for a week. Our parents didn't know....still don't know...hehe....The picture below was taken during that week on the campus grounds. We had a fantastic week and it was then that he decided to come back home at the end of that semester and return to OU to be with me. We had only been dating for 4 months....we were only 19 years old and we were making life altering decisions based on how we felt about each other. Ahhhh...those were the days.....
Hubby in my dorm room doing some studying...look at that ancient type-writer on the desk in front of him.
Me and my roommate. We were slobs!
Remember the days of the corded phone?!
Oh the fun!

I just have to add that my charming daughter just walked in the office as I'm typing this post and she says "Oh my gosh, MOM, is that YOU in that picture? (she was referring to the second from last picture) had CRAZY hair!"....LMAO!

Happiness update:

K...I'm totally geeked about this happiness challenge from yesterday's post. And I'll post more about it tomorrow. BUT I have to say today that I sat down on my couch last night after tucking the kids into bed and decided to catch up on a couple Tivoed episodes of Oprah. I played the episode from the 16th and immediately had chills run up my spine at the topic. Did anyone see this episode with Maria Shriver promoting her new book Just Who Will You Be? The entire episode was about women and losing yourself and your identity and finding happiness and discovering who you are outside of being a parent and wife and career woman. I kid you not. I swear to God I did NOT watch that episode or even see previews to that episode before typing yesterday's post. These are the kinds of ironic things that ALWAYS happen to me. This is why I'm always saying that my life is touched by divine intervention. It's like my every thought and action is guided by this higher power leading me to a specific destination. EVERYtime I'm troubled by something the answers just somehow seem to appear. It makes me smile! And now you KNOW I gotta get that book!


Randy and Kelly English said...

I love you Tammy ya know why????

you Oprah

me Ellen

you self help books on every subject

me smut...all kinds!!!!

Opposites attract that must be why we are friends!!!!!!

Off to scrapbook tree for the day...hey we do have that in common

love kelly

Kate said...

What a fun flashback! Yah, I've got those embarrassing big hair pictures too.

Colleen said...

Great flashback!!!

Sorry for the delay in getting my post up - I had some actual work to do. :O) Darn it all anyway...

LOVE the hair pics!

Heather J. said...

Love the hair.

THopgood said...

Hey Kelly, I'm a big Ellen geek too! And I likes me some good smut too! Have fun at the tree!

Bahama Mama said...

Those pics are great. How amazing that you and your hubby at at 19 - I am always so peeved I missed 44 years of my hubby's life before we und each other.

Melanie said...

I love your flashback photos. I had forgotten about the days of corded phones. How did we ever get anything done being attached to the wall?
Our Happy Happenings
Livin' With Me

Dana said...

Nice flashback - love the hair, LOL..

Isn't it funny to look back at those old pics..

I wonder what we'll think in 20 years?

Marni Tiani Self said...

That kinds of stuff happens to me all the time too!

No, I didn't see the episode, but I'm following your happy challenge. Send me all your good tips! :)

Marni Tiani Self said...

Oh yeah and I LOVE the flashback Friday! I might just steal it for next week. :)

Domestic Accident said...

What? No butt bow?

I might have to get that book, too, now. You'll have to do a review.

Marni Tiani Self said...

PSSSSSt. I left you an award today too. Come check it! :)

The Apron Queen said...

Love your flashbacks. I also totally agree that women must find their own selves in order to find happiness w/in a marriage. So true! Sometimes have to remind myself of that! :D

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