Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

It's Wordless Wednesday people actually remain completely wordless....why is this so difficult for me?!

My little rat...Gracie....HATES HATES HATES baths

Ohhhhhh.....she's SO pissed here! for some fun. Hefty and I have an on going dispute over his hair. He wants to grow his hair long and I think his short hair looks SO much better. So I'm taking a vote. Below are 2 pictures...a before the hair cut pic (he's on the left in the gym uniform....please also take notice of the chunk of hair missing from Dreamy's head of hair on the right)...and the after the hair cut pic taken Easter morning during our scavenger hunt. Please leave a comment and tell me which hair looks better. Please note, that if you vote for pic #1....we can no longer be friends (just kidding....kinda)


BusyDad said...

Hmmm well, you know that I am biased toward the short haired look! Either way, he looks great in an Easter basket! :D

carrie said...

Aren't you always shocked how small they look when wet? I know I am!

happy ww!

ps. it's very hard for me to be wordless and I usually don't succeed. oh well!

Happy2bme said...

Your dog looks just like mine when he's getting bathed. He in looking like a fur ball but comes out looking like a rat. Happy WW!! At least we try to be wordless anyhow.

Karen MEG said...

I'm never totally wordless on a Wednesday either!

As for the hair, he's cute in either (honestly). BTW, my son is into long hair majorly this year... a haircut is always a fight! His AFTER cut is shorter than your boy's before!!!

Urban Thought said...

I thought that was the rule but I actually didn't see anything written in stone. So do you and don't feel bad about it.

I enjoyed the pics. The wet dog was a riot.

Happy WW!

Melanie said...

I love the pictures of the dog. Too funny!

Your son is quite a handsome young man either way. But, I like his hair longer. Sorry.

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Livin' With Me said...

Oh my goodness, your dog is so cute that I'm STILL giggling!

~Billie~ said...

I like the haircut, but it looks good either way. =) Poor dog! LOL!

canearl said...

Is your dog a Maltese? We have a Maltese and he looks just like that whenhe gets a bath.

Don't throw rocks- but I kind of like his hair longer.