Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Moment of Truth

So how about that new show The Moment Of Truth!!?? Ya know, when I first saw it advertised I thought...what a stupid can they possibly keep the questions can they possibly keep this interesting...people would have to be total losers to NOT make it through the questions...I mean, all you have to do is be honest....LOL! So hubby & I were watching it last night and we went back and forth with each question.."How would YOU answer". None of the questions were particularly disturbing to me UNTIL he asked the question...."Do you think you're a better mother to your children than your mother was to you"

.....My first response was "what a bullshit question". That's really seems like a very grey question...there's no yes/no answer for it. So hubby says..."what would your answer be"....and I honestly don't have an answer. I think the lie detector would bounce off the table regardless of how I answer. On the one hand I think "yes" I am a better mother. But I would have to clarify that by saying...I have many more resources available to me than my mother did, she did a damn fine job with the raw hand that life dealt her. Widowed at 27, 2 young kids (ages 5 & 2), no job, no college education. She was never home because she was always at work or at school and when she WAS home she was cooking, baking, or cleaning, or carting our butts to our extracurricular activities. So my "yes" answer is only because I'm home with my kids...I'm available to them...she didn't have a choice in the matter.

But on the flip side...I would also have to say "no" because if I had been handed the same raw deal in life I know there's no way I would have handled the situation with such grace and control. I would have completely fallen apart. My mother is a saint.

Anyway...changing the subject....I feel like doo-doo...AGAIN! This throat thing keeps coming back...I feel like I've been sick this entire winter. it's getting a little aggravating. Back to the docs. In case you missed hearing me say it...."I hate Michigan"....

Worked out the last 3 days. Met with my trainer yesterday. I begged her to focus on lower body because my upper body was screaming in pain from the last 2 work outs. Was planning on working out again today but promptly changed my mind when I rolled out of bed...went to the bathroom and groaned in pain when my butt hit the toilet seat...Oh boy does my butt hurt. I couldn't see how another 500 squats would help the situation so I played hooky today.

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Randy and Kelly English said...

I personally think that show must be staged quite a bit. Who in their right fucking mind would go on there and intentionally hurt their loved ones for money?