Monday, March 17, 2008

What's a Banchee!?

I did it...I stayed off the computer for over 72 hours! It hurt....a lot.....

Actually, that's a lie....I still read blogs I just didn't post any myself...I bow my head in shame and guilt

Hubby made it home safely Friday night....THANK GOD! The kids were OUT..... OF .....CONTROL! Major case of spring fever goin' on over here. It was 50 degrees out....practically summer!

I picked Smurfette up from school last week and the class was outside playing...there was one little tiny patch of grass showing as the snow had finally started to melt and EVERY kid was sitting on this tiny patch of grass...Smurfette yelled out when she saw me...."Mommy look, the grass is green, it's spring"...the boys came home from school screaming and carry'n on like banchees.... (K, what the hell is a banchee?)...just bounce'n off the walls....I actually had to separate them in the van on the way to's never good when mom has to pull the van over!

I spent most of Friday and Saturday catching up on the things I had neglected because of my blog induced coma.

* I did at least 10 loads of laundry trying to get caught up on the sheets!
* Finally got around to cleaning the many accumulated stacks of shit in my kitchen...stacks that contained 3 month old magazines, bills, medical insurance "this is not a bill" forms, receipts, coupons, permission slips for the kids, school calendars, old birthday invitations, report cards, meap score results, school photos....the list is endless.....I really need a better organizational system in my kitchen.
* Picked up the boys' contacts & glasses from the eye docs.
* Dropped off Smurfette's health form to the pediatricians office for Kindergarten Registration (that reminds me...I have to remember to pick it up today)
* Made Hefty Smurf's well check appointment while I was there.
* Scheduled a scrapbooking date with the girls.
* AND we took the kids to see Horton Hears a Who . Very cute movie! The kids loved it. Of course, we had to take out a small loan to take our family of 5 to the movies...OMG....

Ironic happening of the week: I was invited to a friend's house for an adult "toy" party. This party takes place this coming week an hour after my scheduled annual appointment with my Ob-Gyn....I kid you not.... I thought that was pretty funny. Tell me, do you think there's anything in this world that could more efficiently cut "the mood" than going to see "Him". If there is...I'd love to here it!

The boys have both finally mastered putting in their contacts. I was starting to have visions of my 30 y/o son stopping by his parents' home on his way to work to ask mom to put his contacts in for him before going into work. A slight over-reaction....I realize that.

Yesterday was the boys' last gymnastics meet before the state competition. They both did wonderful. Dreamy Smurf received a 1st place medal for his rings routine (it was a beautiful routine if I don't say so myself) and received silver for the All Around; and Hefty Smurf got a 1st place for vault (flawless, I tell you!) and 4th place for the All Around. They both placed in 5 out of 6 events. AND Dreamy Smurf's level 6 team brought home the 1st place trophy.....yeayyyyyyy!!!!......We're so proud!

Funny story of the week....we were sitting watching the meet with friends and parents. Smurfette was on my lap. My friend Diane turned around and was chatting with Smurfette about our little dog, Gracie.

Dianne: So how's Gracie?
Smurfette: Good
Me: She's at home in her pen with Big Bird.....

K let me back track....Gracie is about 5 pounds. Big Bird is a stuffed animal that is the same size as Gracie. Ever since Gracie got Big Bird she mounts Big Bird and has her way with him....she has some gender confusion....and man she just goes to town on Big Bird every time she sees him. We went on our vacation for a week and had Gracie at the Pet Hotel and the first thing she ran for when she got home....was Big Bird. We actually have to hide Big Bird on occasion. Mainly because the kids just get a kick out of this and that just makes me they know what she's doing?? I mean what are they laughing at if they don't!!?? So the kids get a laugh and in enters the word "humping". How do they know this word??!! So....instead of being a stellar parent and taking the time to have "the talk" we just hide Big Bird....problem solved!

so back to the conversation....Smurfette (my 5 year old..... quiet, shy, demure....little girl) then screams in a gym full of parents, coaches, and kids.....


OMG....So of course the parents bust a gut and I immediately put my hand over her mouth....and she....starts to cry. She has no idea why everyone is laughing at her and she's very sensitive. So she buried her face in my arm pit for the next 30 minutes while I had to try to explain to her why we shouldn't say this. How do you explain that to a 5 year old....meanwhile, my friend Diane is trying to explain to her mother why this would come out of a 5 year old's mouth and the best she could come up with through her giggles was "she has 2 older brothers"....


Randy and Kelly English said...

It's perfectly fine if your OB's name is "Dr. Long" and he is HOT!!!!! heheheheheh

Piecake said...

OMG... that story is the best hump'n story I've heard in a long time...

We are THAT family said...

What a great story! I'm still laughing! Btw, thanks for visiting my site. It's very nice to meet you--I enjoyed your site.

Heather J. said...

I stayed off the computer too....I had withdrawls, seriosly. On the bright side, I actually had a conversation with my kids!
Thanks for hoping over to my blog from kristens....and leaving such sweet comments.
I enjoyed your writing, I'll be back. (said in my terminator voice)

Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

Congrats to your boys on their well done routines!! Our Ms. Firecracker (7) will going to state in April and nationals in July.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am off to read some more of your blog. I only have a few minutes until I need to get Short Man (9) and Ms. Firecracker (7) to the gym for practice.