Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I'm out of control...I know....I admit it...the first step to recovery is admitting the problem...Hello, my name is Mama Smurf and I am a blogoholic!

I've seen some cool blogs listing "Thursday Thirteen", I have no idea where this originated from but I thought "hey, cool idea, I'll come up with a Thursday Thirteen post. I originally was thinking maybe "thirteen reasons I miss my hubby" "I REALLY don't want to take the trash out to the curb tonight".....but started listing the reasons and could only come up with 5 that weren't x-rated...reasons 6 - 13 were not suitable for an audience.

Then I about Thirteen tasks to complete for next weeks' "Tackle it Tuesday"....but as I started listing the tasks I realized that I was being a little over ambitious and completely unrealistic as we are going out of town again Sunday for another gymnastics meet. That left me with only 3 days to complete these's just not gonna happen.

So here's my list....Thirteen things I COULD get done if I could get my ass away from my computer....

1) I could clean my kitchen window treatments....the dust bunnys are choking on the cob-webs....

2) I could Clean out my 2 master bathroom junk drawers

3) I could figure out how to use my DVDirect (I've only had the darn thing for 3 months now and still haven't opened the box)

4) I could then transfer the videos on my camcorder to DVD

5) I could back-up/save all my picture files from my computer....I have 4 years worth of pictures on my computer and live in fear every day that my computer will crash and take with it all my beloved photos...

6) I could clean out our Kitchen Pantry

7) I could declutter my clothes in my closet

8) I could declutter my clothes in my drawers

9) I could make a run to Goodwill to get rid of my decluttered clothes

10) I could declutter Jordyn's clothes and shoes

11) I could give Jordyn's pile of decluttered clothes and shoes to my cousin for her daughter

12) I could pick up the frozen dog shit from the back patio...eeewwwwwww......

13) I could make an appointment to get my hair colored and cut....the greys are BACK!

I'm editing this blog to say that I found out where the Thursday Thirteen originated from. Here's the Link.


Bahama Mama said...

Yay how cool we are on your blog roll. I am honored! I love your "I could" list - I think I have discovered a new procrastination technique. I am going to make a "13 business tasks I could be doing if I weren't procrastinating" list. Thanks for that! You are right about perspective - which is why I won't do it again :-)

Melanie said...

TT is so fun and a bit addicting. Glad you've joined! Great list.

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Haley-O said...

Oh, the things we could get done if we got off the dang computer.......... And, then imagine what we could get done if we turned the TV off,too! ;)