Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Scavenger hunt madness...

I posted today before I realized that it was "wordless wednesday"....I'm not real good at the wordless thing I'm editing this post to add this photo....

I'm adding this photo because this would be yet.another.junk.drawer in my house. Before I registered my daughter for Kindergarten yesterday I was on a frantic search for my daughter's birth certificate...a necessary piece of paperwork for registering. I waited till the last minute to get it because I knew exactly where it big deal....we keep important documents such as birth certificates in our safe...I mean where else would a responsible parent keep such things. Yeah...right! So needless to say...her birth certificate after 30 minutes of searching was found buried beneath all of that crap you see in that photo. Of's perfectly reasonable to find your child's birth certificate buried beneath a pile of crap...where else would it be. We I need help.

Below is my original posting:

I had Smurfette's Kindergarten registration last night. I have mixed emotions. Part of me is sad to see my youngest going off to school. But the other side of me.....=) doin the happy dance! I'm trying to get her into all day Kindergarten because she needs it. She'll be almost 6 when she starts (she's a December birthday) and she is bored stiff with me during the day. She has NO friends her age in our neighborhood and the poor girl needs a social outlet. I have her in Dance class and Gymnastics class but it's just not enough. So....I'm trying to get her into all day Kindergarten. I won't know until May whether she'll get in or not. The down fall is....the all day Kindergarten isn't at our home school. She would have to go to a different school than the boys and I would have to drive and pick her up....We'll see.

About 5 years ago I started a tradition in our home. I didn't mean to, it just happened. On Easter morning the Bunny leaves the kids a note in the form of a poem and leads them around our house in a scavenger hunt searching for the final destination which leads them to their baskets. I didn't mean for this to become a yearly thing but the kids had so much fun with it the first time that I did again the next...and so on. Well, last year I didn't do it. Time got away from me. I procrastinated was busy and before I knew it Easter was here and I wasn't prepared for the scavenger hunt. My kids were very disappointed. They wouldn't let it go. So this year I knew better...I'm preparing early. I've been working on this for the past week. I still need a few more verses (because I need some more hiding places) but I thought I'd share what I have so far...I'll edit this post when/if I come up with some more verses before Easter Day. It's cheesy, I know, but please keep in mind that my target audience is a 5, 9, and 11 year old. I'm no poet....I'm not trying to be....just having fun with my kids! If you can think of any more verses or hiding places with a rhyme please share! is my new favorite website....

Hello Smurf children
It's the Easter Bunny here....
Have you been good to your parents
For the entire past year?

Last year was busy
So I took a little break...
Writing these rhymes
Made my brain start to ache.

Imagine my surprise
When I saw your sadness
That Easter would not start
With the scavenger hunt madness.

So I came BACK!
You will start the day with fun
Searching for your baskets
With a sprint and a run!

Well, lets take a look here,
Lets see what I wrote...
With so many children
I've had to take notes.

Ah, yes, now I remember...
It's been a busy year.
You've been very good
But there's some things you must hear.

Hefty Smurf,
I think you know what I'll say
You must work out you differences
In a more constructive way...
That Joe in your class
Is a very good kid
He just wants your attention
So the fighting I forbid...

Dreamy Smurf,
Your little sister loves you so much
She's just looking for kind words
Or a soft gentle touch.
It's important for you
To be a good loving big bro
Everyone, even your sister
Needs love to grow.

And little Smurfette,

The whining must stop
You have nothing to gain
By driving your mother
Completely insane.
Lets try harder
To use our "Big Girl" words
And leave the high pitched chirping
To all those colorful birds.

With all of that said
You have made me very happy
All your hard work in school
Makes this rabbit quite sappy.

So when everyone's awake
Let the fun begin
For if you solve all the clues
There will be a treasure to win.

Your first clue starts here...
Right in this room...
In the place where you keep
Things for Gracie to groom!

Ah, you found me
This clue was too easy
Go look for your next clue
Where you keep things that are cheesy.

I think I'll have to get tricky
To pull one over on you
Go look for your next clue
Where you might find some glue.

If you're ready for more
Get your coat and shoes
Cause we'll be heading outside
To find your next clues.

I can't seem to shake you
Your hot on my trail
You may find something interesting
In a slot for the mail.

You want another clue?
You could try making a wish...
Or maybe you'd rather just look
By Gracie's food dish.

Are you tired yet?
Have you had enough?
Maybe try looking
By your mom's scrapping stuff...

You may find another
You just never know
Near something you use
To clear all the snow.

If you'd like another clue
You should run straight
To the place you'll find daddy
Lifting some weights.

My pen is slowing
I'm running out of rhymes
But maybe you'll find something
Near some rolled dimes.

There is another clue
I must come clean
Somewhere outside
Near your trampoline.

I'm sorry to say
That our fun must end.
I have many more eggs
That I must send.

But don't you worry
And never you fear.
This bunny will be back
Year after year!

Just make sure you're good
And show others respect
And I'll be sure to visit again
And give you more eggs to collect.

So congratulations! You're all official members
of my scavenger hunt club.
You may find the grand prize
In your parents' jacuzzi tub.


Jennifer in OR said...

Okay, you are one creative momma!!

Kate said...

Tammy, this is EXACTLY what my mom used to do for me when I was a kid, and I LOVED it. So of course, I've carried on the tradition with my own kids. Last year was the first year I did it (son was 4) and I'll do it again this year. I love your poem! So creative and MUCH longer than I've done.

I've never heard of anyone else doing this! Again, I think you are my internet twin. :)

THopgood said...

Kate, if you read this...I can't get to your's not listed on your profile...send me a link!

Munchkin Mommy said...

oh i have junk drawer, too! but i didn't really plan to have one. it kinda just happened!

i hope your little one gets into the kindgarten school of your choice. best of luck!

have a wonderful day!

Mapped Memories
Cafe Munchkin

lovemyraysons said...

Oh how I love hearing there are other people who have more than ONE junk drawer! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great day.

Tara said...

Thanks for dropping in on my Wordless Wed. You are a crack up! I'm going to have visit more often!!

TheAngelForever said...

What a creative and wonderful tradition to do for your children. Good luck with kindergarten registration. We will be doing that for our oldest son in May. Time has gone by way too quickly.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to have found you from that.

The Angel Forever

We are THAT family said...

Beware of these kind of drawers . . .danger lurks. My one year old found super glue in a drawer just like this. Warning!

Storm said...

We all have junk drawers. Nothing to be ashamed of.

mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

Love the poem! That's sooo creative. I'll have to look at your rhyming website. Very cool. Also, I just spoke with my sister who actually had to order a new birth certificate for my niece's kindergarden registration. I had to order new ones for my twins' passport applications. Craziness!

Janne said...

That looks exactly like some of the drawers in this house!

Heather J. said...

What an absolutely wonderful Easter tradition.......ahhhh, can I come to your house for Easter?

The drawer........take Kristen' advice. They are dangerous.

Piecake said...

That tradition is awesome. I love the scavenger hunt poem... the beginning made me teary (I'm a total sap).
Have a great Easter!

Kolfinnas Korner said...

Isn't it amazing where we find the most important things?