Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Day After Easter!

This has been a wonderful weekend. Full of friends, family, and chocolate....oh my.

Friday night we drop kicked the kids out the front door brought the kids over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the evening so that Papa Smurf and I could enjoy an adult night out with some friends. We haven't had that much fun nor laughed that hard in a VERY long time. Started out with a couple chocolate raspberry martinis.....yum..... and dinner at my FAVorite restaurant, Kruse & Muir....if you ever make it there you really must try the lobster and shrimp linguini ala creme...omg....delicious. We had a little too much fun there and decided to leave else they would kick us out. Walked down the street to a really cool martini bar down the road the middle of a fricken blizzard....would some one PLEASE inform mother nature that the first day of spring was..... like.... a week ago. We all (minus the pregnant DD) over indulged in some alcohol....I really feel I need to explain that I am NOT a lush. Two days of drinking in a row is not a norm for me....s'all I'm say'n. We had a blast at the martini bar...met a fun couple (who has only been dating for 2 months) and I think we scared the daylights out of em. get 3 couples together that have been together for at least 17 years each...and have 8 1/2 kids between them (#9 is on it's way) and we're bound to regress a little back to our years of adolescent immaturity...we don't get out much! Left the bar minus one couple and came back to our house to play a little pool and indulge a little more. It was a perfect evening out.

All I drank all night was two martinis and one long island ice tea over the course of about 7 hours and was....well, there's just no delicate way of saying it....I was I said I don't get out much! Back in the day of my college years and a few memorable spring break trips I could drink.....a LOT.....but now, not so much! Motherhood has done this to me. So Saturday I was feeling a little useless (as was hubby) and I had a very difficult time being productive as I had a TON of stuff to get done before Easter. I tried to do a little blog surfing but blogger was down all day and I couldn't get on....Divine intervention again tapping me on the shoulder...."eh-hem.....Mama Smurf, you are NOT going on the computer have too much to do...and I know you....once you get on it'll be hours before you get not today!...buh-bye!" We had a house full of kids most of the afternoon.

Had a fantastic Easter Day...Hefty, my oldest, was dropping hints Saturday night at the dinner table...(his Easter Bunny believing days are over btw)...."I REEEEALLY hope the Easter Bunny...wink wink....does the Scavenger hunt this year...that was SOOOO much fun..." Needless to say the scavenger hunt was a big hit. They had a blast...If I could figure out how to put video clips of the hunt on this blog I would...but I'm just not that blog savvy day...

Spent the late morning and afternoon at my Aunt and Uncle's house for an Easter brunch with the rest of the family. It was an afternoon of gluttony! I made deviled eggs for the first time...AND...tasted deviled eggs for the first time. They were delicious! Learn something new every day. And my cousin made this unbelievably sinful french toast casserole from Paula Deen's website! I'll have to make that one soon...the whole family was drooling over it! My family had me all fired up to try a DIY project...adding a ceramic tile back splash in my kitchen. I'm on a new mission to become a Mrs. Handy(wo)man. I want to flip houses! My mom gave me my next book that I"ll be reading...a flip it for dummies book. So I'm going to try some do-it yourself projects around my house to get me ready! This will be my new obsession I've decided! =) In case you haven't figured it out obsessions change from month to month. I'll be over it in a few weeks I'm sure!

Then I spent this morning and early afternoon having a play date with those same girlfriends from Friday evening and their kids. We had 8 kids running around the house! We've decided we're going to flip houses together! I'm REALLY fired up about this! I just wish this market would turn around! We'll have to wait anyway until after the end of this year to get started so I'm going to spend the next 9 months educating myself. Anyone out there know anything about this?? Any good books out there?? Any "flipping" tips?


Karen MEG said...

A couples' night out -- what fun!!!! I think that's hilarious that you may have scared the couple who were newly dating ... you are too funny!

Good luck with your DIY projects and flipping ... that is a cool thing to try. A lot of work if the shows on HGTV are any indication ... I get tired just sitting on my ass watching those shows!

happy after Easter... and have a great week!

Piecake said...

I've made that French Toast and it is fantastick. My husband loved it!
I think the key to flipping is being able to DIY and stopping yourself from putting too much into it. I thought I was going to flip and started with a two family, but the renovation took about 8 months longer than expected! By then the market conditions had changed. I made a small profit, but it was a lot of work. Good Luck with it! I never read the books, so I'm sure you'll have better luck.
If you do the DIY, I would love to see before and after pictures!