Tuesday, March 4, 2008

She's Ba-ack.....

I try really hard to be an understanding and supportive wife...I really do....but every now and then I get so damn irritated with my husband that my inner bitch must poke her nasty little head out and show her presence. In my husband's defense, this inner bitch usually emerges once a month and her level of nastiness is directly related to the level of hormones flowing. With that said.....Do I get angry when he says he'll be home by 6:30 for dinner and doesn't show up till 8?....no.....irritated would be a better word. Do I get angry when he's putting in 12-14 hours days....every....single.....day?......no...I understand that his success comes at a price...it's hard work...I get that. Do I get angry when on the rare occasion that he DOES get home at a relatively decent hour (maybe so we can actually eat dinner as a family) he'll be in the home office working half the rest of the night....no, I don't. I try to be supportive. But Friday he played poker with the guys and so of COURSE he was home early....Last night he went out to dinner with the guys and so of COURSE he was home early. He spared me a 3 minute phone call earlier in the day to tell me he'd be home to change his clothes. How kind of him. I hear every day about how busy he is, how he can't get out of the office because he has meetings scheduled till 7pm, how he can't get his actual work done because of the meetings, his to-do list is growing....but MAN it's amazing that when he has something planned with the guys he somehow MAKES it happen. K....I'm done....I'm laying the inner bitch to rest for now.

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