Monday, March 31, 2008

Who's yo daddy....


Gracie got a hair cut! Big Bird really liked it.

"A little privacy please!"

"Oh Big rock my world"
"faster, baby, faster"

"was it as good for you?"


OK...I completely recognize that my husband and I are sick and childish for finding this so amusing but COME ON.......admit it......let your adolescent immaturity out for just a second and find some humor in this.


Started my marathon training with 3 other friends...Traci, Becky, and Julie. We did 6 miles...but we're all back at square one as none of us kept up the running after last years marathon (and this is Becky and Julie's first) case you haven't heard...I don't like winter. So, Back to the interval training. Did 4.5 miles of running 3 minutes & walking 2 minutes....then walked most of the rest of it. It was a beautiful day...sunny and 40s. It felt incredible to actually be outdoors as I've been a hermit for the past 5 months in this dreadful winter of ours! Can I just say....OUCH! I'm so sore! My ass hurts, my quads hurt, my calves hurt, my torso hurts, my neck hurts....I can't believe how fast you lose it if you don't keep it up. Anyway, I hope to start a separate blog for my training log...or maybe I'll just start blogging it on my previous marathon training blog...I realize no-one wants to hear about all this on a semi-daily basis but I like to have it documented for my own's encouraging to see my progress over time...we'll see.


K...this is going to be a self indulgent...bragger section of my with it! It's my blog and I'll brag if I want too! MY KIDS ROCK!!!! We had the boys' State Meet yesterday and I HAVE 2 STATE CHAMPION SONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dreamy won the gold and Hefty won the bronze!!!! HOLY SHIT!!! I'm still on cloud nine as are the boys! The following conversation took place in the car on the way to the meet....

me: "so what are your guys' goal for the meet?"

Dreamy: "I'm winning this today"

Hefty: "I'm gonna break a 50 for my all around score"

me: "K...that sounds great but, Dreamy, maybe a goal of Personal Best would be a little more realistic. A goal like "I'm gonna win" may be setting yourself up for disappointment...just try to do your best so you leave the meet feeling great about your performance even if you don't win it"

Dreamy: "FINE....I'll just do my best but I'm still gonna win it"

AND HE DID!!!!! I'll try my hardest to figure out how to post a video of their meet....but thus far it's not looking good. I just last night figured out how to save the video to DVD after a very frustrating 2 hours. So it may take me awhile!

OOO....and I also forgot to mention that because Hefty is 3rd in the state he has been invited to attend a three day "elite clinic" in June...the top 6 boys in the state are asked to attend and spend 3 days training with some top coaches and former elite gymnasts. This is only available for level 7 and up which is why Dreamy isn't going.

Mama has a permagrin!

This morning:

Smurfette: "Mommy, who will be my Daddy when I'm a grown up"

Me: "Daddy!....Daddy will always be your daddy!"

Smurfette: "But will he be old"

Me: "well, eventually...we'll all get old eventually"

Smurfette: "Darn it....I don't want an old daddy"

I sure hope my hubby doesn't see this.....he's already getting a complex because Smurfette is 100% mommy's girl. Seeing this could permanently damage his ever aging ego!


Kate said...

Congrats to the boys on their awesome achievement! How cool is that? I'd be bustin' proud too!

Way to go on your running. A friend tried to convince me to run a marathon with her last year, but I am NOT a runner. Fortunately, my common sense prevented me from agreeing because it would have been disastrous. I bet you'll get back in running shape in no time at all!

Swishy said...


And YAY to the boys and a big YAY to you! What a good weekend!

OHmommy said...

WAy to go on your running. I need some of your motivation.

Your dog and big bird? So funny!

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, it took me nearly 3 months to work up to running 3 miles at a snails pace. I didn't run all winter, so I'm back to couch potato status.

BTW, I hope Gracie called Big Bird in the morning. I don't want him to feel used or anything.

Ruth said...

Found your blog thru my friend Karen's & had to comment on the photos... they're hilarious! I love how even a female dog just has to find her satisfaction! And your comments... too funny! :)

Bahama Mama said...

Ummm... I can't WALK 3 miles! I am so lame. Good for you! My Em told her step-Dad he would be handsome if he wasn't so old :-)

LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

Okay, where do I begin...let's start with the dog - HILARIOUS!

And for the boys - I am proud to say I am their cousin (second cousin, whatever, but when I retell the story with pride its COUSIN!)

Thank you so much for all your bloggin' love and encouragement. I really appreciate your kinds words and support!

Heather J. said...

I will never be the same after watching Big Bird being raped.....was there at least foreplay?

common mom said...

I LMAO at the dog and Big Bird . . . yes, I'm immature and childish as well ;-) Maybe that's why my kids like me.

Mr Lady said...

Oh My God, that's freaking brilliant! i had a cockatiel that got it on with the latch on it's cage door. Like, it layed eggs after and everything. EWWWW.