Monday, June 30, 2008

Moment for ME Monday

I had an entire weekend of no kids fighting, no kids to feed, no kids to entertain, no kids to chauffeur, no house to clean, no laundry to wash, no piles of dog shit to clean out of the carpet, no potty puddles to wipe off the kitchen floor, no baths to give, no bills to pay, no groceries to buy, get the idea.

I left Friday late afternoon to head on over to Kelly's house. There were a total of six of us that evening....two of which were not staying for the entire weekend. The last of our friends arrived at eight. She had travelled from Ohio. We all brought our scrap booking stuff down to the basement...grabbed a drink...went out to the backyard...and never made it back to the basement! We sat outside enjoying the fine evening and chatting and laughing and drinking. It was wonderfully relaxing.

Our Gracious Host: Kelly (I can't remember what the goofy sad face was for but I'm guessing it's because she was the only one drinking water....and pregnant.....)

From Left to Right: Becky, Tina, Kelly, & Traci

And on the far Right: Michelle

(The empty seat next to Michelle is ME)

Our gracious host bought steaks and potatoes for the grill. Wanna know what happens when you eat too many chips and dip and several hand fulls of peanut m&ms before dinner? You don't want dinner. Wanna know what happens when you don't eat dinner and then drink two glasses of lemonade and vodka? You get disgustingly drunk. The world starts-a-spin'n and it becomes increasingly difficult to focus and you desperately want to be one of those people that can make yourself puke. I'm not one of those people....and. yes, I tried.

I'm embarrassed to tell you this. I'm embarrassed to say among a world of classy and perfect blogging mothers that mwah...a grown 36 y/o mother of shit faced to the point of wanting to puke. BUT I ONLY HAD TWO DRINKS!! SERIOUSLY! Who gets THAT shit faced from TWO drinks. And it totally snuck up on me...when I finished the second drink I was feel'n good and think'n "kay...I feel good...I'll stop now." Half hour later I was thinking "kay...I don't feel so good...I should'a stopped sooner....too late." This wasn't exactly the Moment for Me I had imagined.

Needless to stay...I didn't get any scrapbooking done Friday night.

Was suppose to run Saturday morning with Traci but could barely keep my breakfast down.

I didn't go running.

My "two drink limit" is forever changed to a "one drink limit"....and I think I need to stay away from vodka. What has happened to me? Is this an age thing? Cause I'm not dig'n it.

We then spent all day Saturday and Sunday morning in the basement scrapbooking. I'm loving this digital scrapbooking. All I packed for the weekend was my laptop. It was wonderful. I started the boys' gymnastics books and am almost completely caught up with their last season. I finished a total of 20 pages on my computer. YEAY! I would've taken pictures of all of us in the basement scrap'n away....but....well....I kinda forgot about my camera.

Came home Sunday afternoon and spent the entire rest of the day doing yard work. Pulled weeds, put down preen, and put in plants around our patio behind the recently completed retaining wall while the hubby spread dirt and mulch and straightened up the garage. We have a two and a half car garage and cant even squeeze ONE car in it.

And now it's Monday morning and I SWORE I was going to go running this morning.."no excuses" I told myself....But I sit here at the computer with a stiff neck from staring down at a computer all weekend and a stiff back from yesterdays yard work. Again, is this an age thing? I'll go, I'll go...but not till after my coffee!
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Colleen said...

Yay for you! I REFUSE to admit its an age thing. Honestly? I think when you (or your "friends") mix the drink its waaaay more evil than if a bartender mixes it. We like to warn each other, "Don't pack my lunch now!" Don't ask where that comes from, but I think you get the idea! So tell yourself you didn't have two drinks - you probably really had more like 4 or 5! (or 8.)

I did a little drinkin' and whoopin' it up of my own this weekend. It was SO needed!

Let me ask you - when you do your digital pages, how do you print them out? I'd love to get into digital scrapbooking, but not sure where you'd print out 12x12" pages that bleed (or where there's color all the way to the edge).

Anonymous said...

At least you didn't have to experience a hangover with the kids around. That would have been torture. The screaming, the whining, the demands.

I'm curious about the scrapbooking. I have what seems like thousands of photos on the computer but there is no organization to it. They're just put in different files. I might need to look in to it.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Yes, it sounds like a post on digital scrapbooking is in order. If I could do it online, I might actually do it.

I agree with Colleen - whoever the mixologist was may have loaded you up, and sometimes those lemonade drinks are sneaky. I make one that you swear is harmless and next thing you know, you're hanging onto the grass so you won't fly off the spinning earth!

But it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I have a tendency to overdo it a bit too when I get around my girlfriends. I like to think I'm get slightly tipsy just from all the fun and girl-time but I think the alcohol plays a major role.

Marni Tiani Self said...

I am so jealous.

Happy2bme said...

Ugh, I feel for you. I had a hang over like that a few months back but mine was the cause of to much Sangria. But, wait let me back up maybe it was more of the red wine and orange crush I mixed together when the sangria was finished... haha!! I know it sounds disgusting but sure did taste good when I was drunk... ha ha!

As for digital scrapbooking, I keep hearing about this and really want to try it. I've heard nothing but good things about CM.