Friday, June 27, 2008

Fitness Friday

Friday 6/20 - Ran 3 miles chasing after my boys on their bikes...not a good idea. Trying to keep up with them was forcing me to run too fast which was tuckering me out. Didn't bring my timer but I took LOTS of walk breaks. Didn't feel good at all but I'm glad I went....if for no other reason than to see first hand why I will NEVER cave into my child's persistent pleas to allow him to go bike riding without his helmet!
Thing 1 is constantly arguing with me about this....with the "but (so & so) doesn't have to wear THEIR helmet", and the "I've NEVER fallen off my bike...what could happen", and the "you're so over-protective" the point that sometimes I wonder if maybe I should lighten up in my helmet nazi-ism.

During this bike ride he decided to turn around because he was getting way ahead of us.

He turned around in the street.

Without looking.


After screaming at him for being so careless and nearly giving his mother and the poor man behind the wheel of the SUV a heart attack.....I thanked him for proving my point! I then proceeded to make up a bunch of completely untrue facts about bicycle safety and bike accidents being the "#1 cause of accidental death in kids under the age of 14"....totally not true....totally pulled that out of my ass. And then came home to google it to see if I was even CLOSE to being right. Nope. Totally off the mark. But I'm not above lying to my children to support the current argument. Shhh. Don't tell them.

Saturday 6/22- Kicked some serious running butt today. Ran 9.25 miles in 1:50 with an 11:56 pace. Had my Garmin set for 6/2 intervals but was feeling so good in the middle 3 that I was skipping lots of the walk breaks. Ran the first 2 miles in the rain which was very refreshing and enjoyable. At mile 7 I met up with a girl that was running my pace and so I ended up running the last 2 miles straight through with her. Felt AWESOME! And of course....the one day I didn't bring my camera there were 2 deer (somewhere in the 4th or 5th mile) in a field right at the side of the road....maybe 20 yards away. Fantastic morning.

Monday 6/24- Ran 3 miles at the gym on the treadmill. It sucked. I hate the treadmill. REALLY hate the a what the hell am I suppose to look at, I can't read the TV captioning, why on earth did this man have to choose to run directly next to me when there are at least 40 other treadmills to choose from and I have to fart and I can't kind of way. Oh well, it's done, I ran. Wasn't pretty.

Tuesday 6/25 - Back on the treadmill for 5 miles. Slightly less excruciating today as I was watching Under the Tuscan Sun on my video ipod while I ran. Made the time go by faster and took my mind off the fact that I was on a treadmill....God bless the inventors of the video ipod. Walked the first 5 minutes and walked the last 5 minutes and ran the rest straight through. She's back on her game folks!

Wednesday 6/26 - Was suppose to run 3...only ran 2....for several reasons....

a) I was on a treadmill.

b) My movie, Under the Tuscan Sun, finished in the middle of the 2nd mile.

c) I HAD TO PEE! .....And last but certainly not least.....

d) My sports bra wasn't doin a whole lotta support' boobs are already coming dangerously close to my belly button and I started having visions of tripping over them if I continued much longer! Needless to say, it wasn't one of my better runs.

But I did a half hour of a core strength class....that's gotta count for something.
Today - I'm suppose to run. I'm not gonna run. I hurt. Yeah, about that core strength class?....I don't think I'll be repeating that mistake anytime soon. Did I mention I hurt?
I'll be on hiatus for a few days as I'm leaving tonight to spend the weekend on a scrapbooking slumber party with 3 other dear Kelly's house. We'll spend our time scrapbooking, lounging in her pool, and getting foot massages from the cabana boy......LMAO! We all decided, without his consent, that we'd hire Kelly's hot husband to be our chef and cabana boy. And we're not above see, Randy (Kelly's husband), has a thing for Asian, Randy, nothing is sacred in bloggy we've decided to dress in kimonos and use make-up to visually alter our ethnicity...maybe even throw in a pillow fight or exchange for a good meal and foot rub.
I'll be back Monday with a Moment Weekend for Me post to tell you all about it!
Oh, and I'm going to start posting my running/fitness updates on Saturday. Cause I want to continue doing the Flashback Fridays and I can't do 2 Friday's too hard. I need a cool dorky name for it....Fitness Saturday just doesn't work for me. Any suggestions?
Oh, and in case you were wondering...I'm still 143 lbs and I'm still smoking. I know I'm only making up excuses but it's been a crazy week with hubby gone. I'm smoking much less though. I'll get there...
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
PS....I've been trying to fix the spacing in this post for the last 15 minutes....I give up!


Anonymous said...

I use to work in brain injury rehabilitation. Head injury is the saddest thing ever. You are right to insist on your child wearing his helmet. All it takes is one time...

I am impressed with your dedication to running. I start my "big" workout program after my youngest starts school July 10th. I went shopping for running shoes in Texas, but couldn't decide on any.

R.L.Scovens said...

G'morning! I dropped you an email yesterday when you asked about the Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I sent it to the email address you have on your profile..(smile) Is that an old one?!LOL

Colleen said...

I am so jealous...I would LOVE to spend a weekend with friends scrapbooking...

Way to go on your running! I've yet to pick up a fitness routine, but need to soon! I'm waaaay above the 145 it says on my license. :O)

Kori said...

As always, I am amazed at your stamina. And realize how terribly I suck. :)

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Yes, continue insisting on the bike helmets. As Kristin said, it only takes once.

You're doing GREAT with your running! I'm so impressed! Seriously.

Have a great weekend at Kelly's! I'm so jealous.

Mama Zen said...

I'm stealing the bike helmet lie!

LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

Have fun at Kellys! Way to go on the running. I am so needing a video iPod, because I hate the treadmill too! I am still too self-conscious to run outside (people will see the struggle...LMAO)

LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

Here are some dorky names for your Saturday posts:

Sweaty Saturdays
Shedding the Pounds Saturdays
Better Self Saturdays

And to think I claim to be

Anonymous said...

I'm with Kristen H. I worked in brain injury for years and years and most of the kids we saw were bike accidents without helmets. You really should be a helmet nazi.

Okay, you are really making me think I should get off my butt and do some exercising. Watching your progress is inspiring.

Chile said...

Why to make your child wear a helmet: I read years ago that the single largest cause of childhood amnesia (you know, where your child has no clue who YOU are...) was from brain injuries sustained from falls from their bikes when they were not wearing helmets.

Any time, every time. No excuses.