Monday, June 16, 2008

Moment for Me Monday

It was another fantastic week. I've been a little delinquent in keeping up with blogs this week but that's just how this summer is going to have to be. I'm not going to stress myself out over this blog....that would be defeating the purpose!

We had day after day of heavy storms and possible tornadoes last week. The boys' gymnastics class was cancelled for 3 days in a row because their gym had no power.

Thursday was the kids' last day of school. 1/2 day. After lunch we headed over to a friend and neighbor who had an "end of school year" pool party at her house. There must have been 30 kids in the pool. Had a great time. Left there and headed to Smurfette's swim class and then did some MORE swimming in the out door pool after her class was finished. She's getting more and more brave every day.

Friday was uneventful. Hefty Smurf's gymnastics clinic started that day. His gymnastics clinic was this past weekend (Fri, Sat, and Sun) and it was at a gym that's an hour away. I can't remember if I blogged about it but at the boys' state meet for gymnastics the top 5 boys in the state from each level above level 7 was invited to attend an "elite gymnastics clinic". Hefty is 3rd in the state for the level 7s so he was invited. Very exciting! Dreamy Smurf is a level 6 so even though he's 1st in the state he wasn't invited. He'll be there in a couple years!

Saturday, after driving Hefty to his clinic, we spent the afternoon watching rented movies....I told you about PS I Love You....but the other one we watched was The Bucket List....another great movie btw. And then Charlie Wilson's War....I think that was the name of it....I'm a huge Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks fan but I only made it through the first just wasn't my kind of movie....had a tough time getting into it.

That evening we went out with R and K, and L and T for a fantastic adult evening out. The kids stayed at my brother and SIL's house and spent some quality time with my nieces and nephew. We went to PF Changs for dinner and had a waitress with a big ole hickey on her neck....she claims it was a curling iron burn...but it so was NOT a curling iron burn. I meant to bring my camera but forgot it. That was my first time there and the food was delicious! After dinner we headed for a bar. Had a few drinks and lots of laughs. Then we all headed back to our house to be adolescents without an audience. I could tell you what we were doing as we were all sitting around my kitchen table but then I'd have to shoot you....and......well....that's just not I just won't tell you. =)

Didn't get to sleep until about 2:30 or 3 and then had to set my alarm at 7:15 am Sunday morning because I had to pick up Hefty to get him to his clinic. Sunday....we had a fantastic Father's Day. After the trek to the clinic we spent the afternoon at our house with my family over for a barbecue. Me and the kids went and bought Papa Smurf a new lawn mower for Father's Day....My dad scolded me and told me that was like me getting an iron for my birthday. I disagree. We've had our current lawn mower since we bought our previous house...back in '96.....and it's not a self propelled's the regular push mower. He doesn't mind it but I do. So getting him a self propelled mower means that I won't mind mowing the lawn now which means that he won't have to mow it as often. AND it also has an electric starter which means that Hefty can now start learning how to mow the lawn. I don't look at it as a gift of a lawn mower....I look at it as a gift of less chores to do in the future. I think that makes me a "wife of the year" candidate.

I had planned on dedicating a post to Papa Smurf yesterday for Father's Day....a lovely "I love my husband so much and he's the best dad in the whole world" post......but I was exhausted and uncomfortably full and just couldn't do it. We were all in bed and asleep by 9:30 last night.

Two evenings in a row of gluttony....can you guess how my diet is holding up?

I leave you with another excerpt from Happiness Now, by Robert Holden (pg. 118).

It is because the world is so full of suffering,
that your happiness is a gift.
It is because the world is so full of poverty,
that your wealth is a gift.
It is because the world is so unfriendly,
that your smile is a gift.
It is because the world is so full of war,
that your peace of mind is a gift.
It is because the world is in such despair,
that your hope and optimism is a gift.
It is because the world is so afraid,
that your love is a gift.

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LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

You had a busy weekend! Glad you had fun. ITA on the lawn mower thing. I decided to be delightful yesterday and mow the lawn for J. Big mistake. That thing is not self-propelled either. I like your gift!!

My M4MM is here:

LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

um...well it is here I mean...

I added an "s" in the first post

Dana said...

I just saw the Bucket List on Friday.. I really enjoyed it too, though it made me sad...

Kelly said...

People are going to be wondering what the hell we were all doing around the table at your house!!!! LMAO

I'm sure it was the same thing you've been doing all weekend!!!! LOL

Kristin H. said...

You have some serious stamina. I think the lawn mower is a great idea. No moment for me this week. I am still in Texas and there is not enough time to post.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Hey, sometimes gifts like the lawnmower end up being the best thing ever! My dad bought my mom a breadmaker years ago and then proceeded to do all the breadmaking. She loved it!

And what exactly were you up to around the table, you little devil?? :) Do tell.

Marni Tiani Self said...

I'm not participating this week. I'm with you, I think I might be going on leave this summer. :)

Colleen said...

I'm playing this week!


Happy2bme said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend you had! I would love to have a day to sit around and watch movies all day. I have a whole list of movies I've been wanting to watch, P.S. I Love You is one of them.

Domestic Accident said...

That sounds like so much fun. You clearly haven't lost your mojo.

I did my moment today.

I guess it's more like Wednesday's moment for me, but whatever.