Friday, June 20, 2008

Big Hair 101

OMG...I'm in stitches right now....and my face is streaked in tears.

I just got home and found the following email from someone who google searched "Big Hair"....the bits in black are my comments.

Hello!I came to your website because I was doing a googlesearch on '80s
hair' and 'big hair' because a local
club is having an 80s night dance
and me and myfriends
are looking for BIG hairstyles and BIG bangs
to model our look after.I'm 16
and don't have a lot of to draw on in thisdept! Despite alot of results there aren't really a lot ofphotos of this hairstyle
(maybe people are tooashamed!!) (Oh no
shame here....I post my hair with pride....only the truly talented could achieve
such height)
I'm sending this email to people who haveput up "big hair"
pictures of themselves in hopesyou'll give us a little help!If you have a
couple minutes I'd really appreciate itif you could share some tips getting really huge
hair!We came up with a few questions we're asking: HOW did you do it? (read below) The pics we've seen, 80 hairabsolutely defies
gravity!How long did it take you everyday to get ready? (I
woke up at 3am every morning before school....;))
I'm so low maintenance
I couldn't even imagine!!) What kind, and how much hairspray did that take? (I went through a case of Aqua Net each week)
you have the tallest hair in your school? (I'm sure I
was a contender)
Ifnot how big was the biggest!? Did your hair 'wilt'
during the day? (oh no, my dear friend, Aqua Net does NOT
Or was it totally stiff from hairspray? (oh, you have NO idea) Really any big-hair
hints/stories/tips you could writeus would be really appreciated!ThanksJenp.s. Did this
hairstyle have a name (or was it just"big hair"? (yep...big
hair says it all)
How about makeup What went really well w/ this style? (DONT WEAR BLUE EYESHADOW!) Finally, my friend
Jill (who smokes) wants to know Ifwith all that hairspray did you ever hear of anyoneshair catching on
fire? (She does have a point!!lol) (yes she
hair never went up in flames...but do be careful)

Well, Jen, let me tell you....this is a learned skill that took me YEARS to master. It takes a LAWT of patience, a LAWT of time, and a LAWT of Aqua other product will do. And As I said in my previous post, I started out small and got bigger as the years progressed. Trying to achieve such height greatness on your first attempt may cause stress and frustration.

You need a BIG round brush....the biggest you can find...... roll the (dry) hair around the brush and spray hair with Aqua Net until it's saturated.....take blow dryer to hair on brush until the spray has dried into a brick like consistency....this may take several sprays and blows. Do this repeatedly with all sections of hair. Then take a rat tailed comb and rat each section. Then take the rat tail end of the comb and ever so carefully pick at the ratted sections (you must be careful not to over pick or your hair will fall...this may take awhile to master). Then hang upside down and spray with more Aqua net. Continue hanging hair upside down until spray has dried. Once spray has dried, very slowly and carefully (so as not to disturb the height) stand upright. Then carefully use the rat pick to tame and smooth the ends of the hair.....then spray again......tame and smooth....spray.....tame and smooth.....spray.

Good Luck.

Do let me know how it goes...I'd love to see a photo! LMAO!


Kori said...

OMG, this is the funniest thing I have read in awhile; I loved your other post, too, with the fab photos (though I don't think I commented on it), and i gotta tell you, who knew that you would become such a fashion maven? Really. :) Oh, and thanks for sending me over to visit Kristin!

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

LMAO! You're about to become the poster child for Big Hair for today's teens! Hardee har har!! Seriously, I'm dying. That is AWESOME. I knew you rocked.

Anonymous said...

O.M.G. Tammy! You are gonna win a fucking award for that post. I am ROFLMAO right now. AND!! I am going to do a post of my own about how the cherry of my cigarette broke off in the rat's nest of a hairdo of the girl sitting in front of me at a Def Leppard concert. My girl friend and I freaked out thinking we were going to catch that gals head on fire. Check back soon.

Christy said...

That is pretty funny. I used to have the big bangs. I used to get up super early to "fix" my hair.

Dana said...

this is tooo funny....You are awesome!

Kelly said...

Oh dear God Tammy that is so freaking hilarious!!!! I have a big hair pic somewhere also. I will look for it and post it up on my blog!!!!!

Chile said...

ROFLMAO! I went through a brief big hair phase. Very brief when I realized what a PIA it was!

Kellan said...

This was hysterical and I can soooo relate. I'm a TExas girls and BIG hair is a must!

Have a good weekend, Tammy - see you soon - Kellan

Anonymous said...

I thought the pictures were totally self explanatory.

LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

LMAO!! This is some funny stuff. Thanks for the laugh!

Jenny said...

Ahh, that brings back memories. Thanks for the laugh!

Colleen said...

Some how I missed this follow-up to last Friday's post. HOW FUNNY that a high school kid wants to dress RETRO...that is so funny!

Feener said...

that is pure quality !!! i wish i could spread my knowledge of high big hair.

Allison said...

classic!! where are the photos? i gotta see them!

(a former Texan who mastered the "wall of bangs") ;)