Friday, June 6, 2008

Fitness Friday

Friday - Went scrapping with Kelly and ate like a pig at the crop. I have no will power. Who can resist free m&ms sitting right in front of you ALL. NIGHT. LONG...I mean COME ON!

Saturday - Spent all day in the car with Kelly driving to Indiana to get our puppy. No time for running.

Sunday -I deserve a DOUBLE pat on the back for today! Pat #1 - This morning I spent a couple hours at my parents' house to help put in a tile backsplash in their kitchen. I wanted to learn the ropes of tiling and wet sawing so I can do my own kitchen tile backsplash. My step-dad smokes and he smoked at least four cigarettes in the time I was there......and......although the devil on my shoulder was screaming ear piercing shouts directly into my ear canal.....I did NOT succumb to temptation. Yep...that's right...I made it through day #6 of "breathing free" while standing in the same room with someone smoking. I honestly can't believe it myself. It helps that I can't stand the smell of his smokes. He smokes Winstons and I'm a Marlboro woman..... sorry..... correction.... WAS a Marlboro woman!! =).

Pat #2 - Dropped the boys off at gymnastics this afternoon and then went to get my run in. Ran 6 miles. My GPS battery died before I even started so I had to wing the interval training. So, I ran for two songs and walked for one song. It felt so good that I ended up running the last 1.25 miles straight through. It's been a VERY long time since I've been able to do that.

Monday - Sore as hell!

Tuesday - Sore as hell!

Wednesday - No time to run. Chaperoned Deamy Smurf's field trip. Then brought boys to gymnastics and picked up Smurfette from SIL's house and then spent the afternoon trying to finish my FIL's Father's Day gift. I finished and ordered it at 11pm. One more monkey off my back!

Thursday - Ran 6 miles....and KICKED ASS! Was doing 1 mile run/2 minute walk intervals for the 1st 3.5 miles until a cop ruined my groove. You see, there are neon orange barricades and signs saying "TRAIL is CLOSED" scattered throughout the running trail as they (the powers that be) are repaving it. Those same signs were up on Sunday also but everyone was ignoring them. There were people everywhere. So the cop honked and pointed to the sign I had just ignored as if to say "Can you not read the neon orange sign that you just passed?" I couldn't turn around though because I was already more than 1/2 way into the trail loop....turning around and backtracking was going to add an additional mile onto my planned 6 miles...HELL no! So I asked the guy if I could just run beside the paved trail on the grass. Well, let me tell you.....running on grass is far harder than running on pavement. I don't know why. Maybe it was just me or all in my head. But I. WAS. DIEING! So I had to take a few extra walk breaks. BUT I still finished the 6 miles in 1:13 with a 12:14 average pace. Which is slow as hell by running standards but kick ass for me at this point in my training! I'm very happy that the running endurance seems to be coming back a lot quicker this time around. It took me forever to increase my intervals last year.

So here I am for fitness Friday. The bad news is Weight watchers did NOT go well this week. I'm bad. I didn't even make it for 24 hours. I didn't stick to the point system AT ALL. I have no will power.

So...the bad news is I weighed in this morning at the exact weight as last week...145 lbs. UGH!


I haven't smoked in 11 days and I haven't gained weight in the process. That's quite an accomplishment for me so I'll give myself a break on the weight watchers thing. I'm gonna keep trying to get back onto the WW....we'll see.

*edited to add....I typed this up last night and was feeling particularly up tight and overwhelmed by my to-do list and, in a moment of weakness, I ended up driving up to the store and buying a pack of cigarettes. I had 2. I'm disappointed in my self but will climb back on the wagon today. =(

* also gotta add that I have NO idea what is up with the font size problems in this post...I've tried fixing it several times and it won't fix. I'm done.


Kelly said...

flush the rest of the pack down the toilet!!!! FAST
It was only 2. Don't beat yourself up.

Tracey said...

I commend you for being smoke free for 11 days....they say smoking is even harder to kick then heroine. Don't feel too down...2 in 11 days is great!!! Keep working at it. Remember you want to be around to see your grandchildren.

Colleen said...

Well, I was going to comment "WAY TO GO!!!" but then you went and bought smokies...still, two cigs in 11 days?!? That's still bitchin! (I thought this an appropriate use of the word.)

And 145? I'd have to diet for like FOUR MONTHS to weigh 145. :O)

Marni Tiani Self said...

GO YOU. Seriously. I envy your willpower today. :)

common mom said...

Everyone falls off the wagon - the important thing is to hop back on! You truly deserve a pat on the back for not smoking AND not gaining weight in the process. That is NOT an easy thing to do.

Don't beat yourself up - you'll get back at it today.

Domestic Accident said...

Totally impressed with all that running. I think the fact you gave up smoking and are maintaining is huge.

OHmommy said...

Everyone has their bad days.


We all do. Hang in there.