Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Please Don't Judge Us!?

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

For this week's Tackle it Tuesday I've tackled the basement....aka the DUNGEON! I actually tackled this yesterday so I'd be prepared with before and after pictures for today. This was a group tackle...the whole family participated in this one.

Our basement is pretty large and has several different purposes. It's the play room, the game room, my scrapping/sewing/craft room, and the workout room. There's also a kitchen area and bathroom down there.

The basement gets very little attention in terms of keeping it clean because.....well.....because it's a basement. I'm horrible about making the kids clean up after themselves down there and to be honest I'm just as bad in MY section of the basement.

So, here are the before pictures....and again....please don't judge us!

That's Dreamy Smurf swinging on the rings. OK....this is going to totally gross you out....and I probably shouldn't be admitting this..... but under that blue mat below Dreamy Smurf there was actually a spot of mold growing on the carpet!

Those are actually two futons down there that are NEVER in the couch position. When the kids have sleep overs that's where they sleep so the futons never end up put back together. You can't tell but the futon on the right still has a pillow and blanket on it from the last sleep over.

This is MY section of the basement....it's no wonder I've fallen so behind in my scrapbooking! It's a little difficult to feel motivated to scrapbook when you can't even find the desk!

The kitchen hasn't been cleaned or touched since the holidays....I'm talking Christmas....not Easter. You really can't see them well in the picture but to the right of the sink are four Christmas tins with Pizzelle cookies STILL. IN. THEM. from the holidays. Hungry?

And now the after pictures. You can see the floor and all the toys are cleverly placed on shelves hidden behind curtains.

My plan for next week's Tackle is to make a trip to Ikea and find a very long storage cabinet to hide all that clutter and put the TV on.

THERE'S the desk! I think I'll do some scrapbooking tomorrow!

Smurfette was so excited to have a clean basement she said "mommy, it's so clean down here....we can even play tag if we want!"

The one area that I forgot to get a picture of was the bathroom. It was covered in cobwebs and spiders...basement bathrooms really give me the willies. It's clean now. Disinfected and debugged.

So, now, today's project will be to get the carpet cleaner out and steam clean all this carpet.....and there's alot!


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! oh wow!
I am so inspired! Great fantastic job! I see everyone is anxious to get playing into their things as it is so inviting now! You go girl! You all did wonderful! enjoy!

Randy and Kelly English said...

I was at SIL's house over the weekend. Seriously.... your house if immaculate, even the basement. She (and I am not joking) is like the hoarder lady on Oprah a few weeks ago that emptied her stuff out of the house and into a warehouse. It literally freaked me out. My hubby said there were empty pop cans in the bedroom in the corner crushed and thrown on the floor. I sure hope she doesn't read this. LOL

Beckaboo said...

FANTASTIC! That was quite a tackle!! And the whole family got in on it. WAY TO GO!

Hadley Coble said...

wow! you were busy! looks great~like a really fun hangout for everyone!

We are THAT Family said...

I don't think I've EVER seen a basement so BIG! That is amazing and I'm totally jealous. I would even take it un-tackled!

Anonymous said...

wow! your basement looks great! and hey.. you've got several kids.. i know it's not easy to keep clean!
i love love the kichen down there! it's awsome!

Melonie said...

WOW - fantastic job. I agree with the previous commentor about the size of the basement. I think your basement is literally as big as our house. Yowsa. LOVE your scrapbook area! Totally coveting it. ;-)

OHmommy said...


When is the party? I am coming over.... your basment rocks!

Tracey said...

That reminds me of our basement when I was a kid. In the east they have basements, but in the SW they usually don't. It's great to have the extra space!! You have a beautiful basement...NOW...shame...shame...ha! ha!;-)

Niki said...

that was a mighty big tackle!

i am so jealous of all that space!


Colleen said...

Oh my God that's AWESOME! Great tackle! I'm so jealous you have such a great basement!

Anonymous said...

I bow down to your motivation and cleaning. I'm not worthy.

Gray Matters said...

Holy Cow you all did a lot! That space is amazing and it really looks great.

Marni Tiani Self said...

I WANT ONE!!! NO FAIR! NO FAIR! I totally have always wanted a basement and yours is way cooler than I imagined!!!

stitchin' girl said...

All I can say is "AWESOME"!!! Your basement looks totally great and like a really fun place for family and friends!

Anonymous said...

WHOA!!! What a fantastic job, what a difference it makes :)
Great Tackle - an inspiration!

Tracey said...


I read your profile and see that:
1. you like the same movies I do
2. you like a lot of the same music I do
and I started to laugh when I read what you wrote under books....to this part out on my profile I had to look back on my bookshelves....what you said is exactly what happens to me.
4. I am not into running, but I love to read
5. I have been making my first scrapbook for the birthmother of the child we'll be getting and I can see how it would be a lot of fun...but I can't afford a new craft addiction right now!

Could we be long lost twins....wait...i just saw you picture! Ha! ha! Maybe not....God Bless

LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

Way to go! That IS one humongous basement! WTG on the great tackle!

(Did you run today? I did, because I knew you'd check:-)

Dana said...

you have a HUGE basement! I am soo jealous...

WAY TO GO - you did an awesome job cleaning it up..

Happy Tuesday - may friday be here soon!!

Anonymous said...

SWEET basement! And you did a super job. I will be emailing you directions to my house with a list of times that I'm available to have you clean...LOL

Bahama Mama said...

Now that is an amazing job for one day. I'm not even sure Mark's Mum could get it that clean in such a short amount of time!

common mom said...

Holy project batman!!!

Good for you - that must have been a tough one.

And what a GREAT basement . . . I am envious!