Thursday, May 1, 2008

My confession to my hubby

Dear Hubby,

I have a confession to make.

Remember last week when I came home with two ridiculously expensive bathing suits and 2 ridiculously expensive matching cover ups and modeled them for you so you could pick out your favorite?

The original plan was to return the one you didn't pick. And bring the other one on my girl's trip.

Only, when I went to return the one you didn't pick......

guess what......

as it turns out, the one you didn't pick is non-returnable. I failed to read the fine print at the bottom of the receipt....

But I didn't want to return the other one was your favorite.

And, it's all about making you happy after all. Right?

I mean, how selfish would it have been for me to return the one that you liked??!!

I just couldn't do that to you. Your disappointment would have been far too much for my conscience to handle.

I love you.

So I kept both bathing suits.

I kept both bathing suits because I love you.

And now I'm upset because you're in Europe and I can't see the grateful "I'm so happy you're my wife" look on your face...I know, I know how much you love me....I know how grateful you must be that I kept the bathing suit that you chose. Knowing that and feeling it in my heart makes the distance tolerable and makes me feel really good about my decision to keep them both. You can thank me when you return.


Your devoted, hard working, faithfully smitten, wife and mother to your children,

ps - Did I mention, btw, that I have forgiven you for the pig sty that I was welcomed home to when I returned from my vacation, and for you not getting me a birthday present, and for leaving for Europe on my birthday.......just thought I'd throw that out there....because I know how important forgiveness is in a marriage...VERY important....yep....I forgive you.


Dana said...

That is the best post!! So funny!! You deserve both suits!! Enjoy them :)

Randy and Kelly English said...

Tammy, I know exactly how you're feeling. Today I bought two $1.00 cheeseburgers. I only needed one, but the second really made me happy! How do I tell Kelly??? Can you suggest a self-help book???

Love Randy

christy said...

You're funny. I am sure your hubby understands why you kept both suits. HE LEFT FOR EUROPE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, AND HE DIDN'T BUY YOU A GIFT?!?

THopgood said...'re such a smart ass!

Christy said...

Tammy, the comment from christy, is from me (cakerwakers). I was logged in under my family blog. Sorry.

Suzanne said...

First time here, funny post. You obviously used sound logic to make your decision. You are like the Mother Teresa of wives. I am sure he will understand.

Kristin H. said...

Just convince yourself that he was secretly hoping that you would keep both bathing suits because deep down he felt that you looked smoking hot in both.

Marni Tiani Self said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!!!

Heather J. said...

No manipulation/blackmail there, nope.

OHmommy said...

Heeheeee.... you and I would make the best of friends.