Saturday, May 3, 2008

Commentary on People's 100 Most Beautiful People

Hubby and I were thumbing through my lastest people magazine with the 100 most beautiful is our commentary...I'm red...Hubby is Blue

Halle Berry - pg 12 - HOLY SHIT - has any one SEEN those post baby boobies!! She is my hero!

Kate Hudson - She looks just like her mother.

Brooke Shields - she just doesn't do it for me...maybe it's the eyebrows...

Jennifer Love Hewitt - I agree with Drew & Mike (from local radio station)...she has a giraffe's like 5 feet long....

Ashton Kutcher - EW!

Josh Groban....seriously?!....voice is sexy as hell but....seriously?! He has major bed head in this picture!

Kate Beckinsale - now SHE is gorgeous! Serendipity is one of my favorite movies...but couldn't they have picked a better lead, like, I don't know...maybe Wentworth Miller or Enrique Iglasias or David Beckham...or... SOMEone!?

Christina applegate - Christina Applegate's still in there, aye?

Jessica Simpson - she'd be hot if she weren't so stupid.

George Clooney - George just doesn't do it for me

Halle Berry again - she's hot she's hot (I type this while watching Swordfish on tbs)

Marcia Cross and Juliane Morre - EW! and EW!

Hey Eva Longoria's got a tat!

Jason Taylor - He's a good looking guy He's smoke'n

QUEEN LATIFAH!? Can her skin really be THAT flawless?....

Pete Wentz just looks like a girl!

Jessica Alba's hot!

OMG... they have the 35 year old Angie Harmon in the "Age-Defying Beauties" section! SHIT...since when is 35 old.....since when did beauty at 35 become "age defying"?! (I then proceeded to have a mini temper tantrum....I just turned 36....I felt justified in my temper tantrum!)

Ashley Judd's another pretty one...she has that cute, sweet, southern thing goin on...

Shit....where's all the men in this list...It's all women....where's Wentworth Miller....Someone overlooked Wentworth Miller...Call the press....

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