Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Dos, New Puppies, and New Lungs!

So how do y'all like my new do?! (says with left hand on hip and right hand bouncing the bottom of hair). I LOVE IT!!! Man, I tell you that Shauna is one talented chic! Click on over to My Designs By Shauna (her button is on the left) and check her stuff out. I got all this for the bargain price of $45.00. I had been looking around for awhile for a new layout....searching for someone to do this for me....saw several that I liked but Shauna was the cheapest. Most other's were charging at least $75 for the work she did. I gave her a couple pictures that I wanted as the "inspiration", gave her a general idea of what I wanted, and she came up with all this in like a day. Then, I woke up this morning and *POOF* my blog is magically transformed into this gorgeousness!! It's perfect! Talented I tell you!

On another note I've found our puppy! And I, devil that I am, talked Kelly & Randy into getting our puppy's brother. She's a Havanese/Shitzu mix....aka. Havashu. We're driving down to Indiana together Saturday to pick them up. The puppy in the first two photos is our little girl and the last two photos is her brother and will be Kelly and Randy's little boy.

We lost power for a couple hours last night so I decided to go through the naming process the same way we did when we named Gracie. I googled "puppy names" (on my Voyager phone...we had no computer) and found several sites and just started jotting down all the girl puppy names that I liked. I ended up with about 30-40 names. Then, We (the 5 of us) all sat down and started taking turns, youngest to oldest, eliminating names one by one until we were left with our last two favorites. Now we'll wait until she's here to decide on the final name. The last two names left were Rosie and Foxie. Most of us were partial to Rosie but my daughter had a fit cause she wants Foxie. What do YOU think?

My wonderful husband is having a difficult time with all this. He feels we're being disrespectful to Gracie's memory by getting another dog so soon after Gracie's death. He feels the least we can do for Gracie is mourn her for a couple weeks before "replacing her." Don't get me wrong, he wants a new puppy too, he's just having a hard time because it's so soon after we lost Gracie. I keep trying to explain to him that we're not "replacing" Gracie....we're just trying to fill that void in our home with a little joy. So what are your thoughts on this? Is there a proper mourning time for dogs?

And now on another note. I'm making myself accountable to blog land. My hubby and I are trying to quit smoking again. I haven't smoked since Monday evening. It's been a whole 34 hours since our last cigarette. I'm not doing pills this time....we're doing the lozenges instead. Say a prayer!


Tracey said...

Congrats on the new puppy!! I will pray that God keeps you strong on the quitting smoking front! Good luck....your children need you healthy and strong!! God Bless!!

Happy2bme said...

I love the new blog!! I thought I clicked on the wrong person at first.

As for replacing Gracie....I agree with you, its to help fill the void. But, it took me almost two years to replace my last. I even had a hard time picking Buddy out because I kept thinking about Tate (our last dog). Now I keep comparing the two. Its a horrible thing but I can't help it. Buddy is known as "Bad Boy Buddy aka BBB" and Tate, well he's my "Precious Tate" who did no wrong in my eyes. I should of cloned him and life would be perfect... haha. I vote Foxie btw.

Good luck with quitting smoking. I'm not a smoker but work with somone who quite a few years back and it was hard for all of us if you know what I mean... LOL!!

Have a good day!!

jessica @pianomomsicle said...

i REALLY like the new look! i've been desperately trying to figure out how to do it myself: i should just hire a professional.

That's a super cute puppy. i'm sure once your husband sees her in real life, he'll be smitten.

Good luck on quitting! My brother is trying to quit now, too, as is my MIL.

Kelly said...

I love the new layout. It's really pretty, bright and cheeery, but I can't believe you paid for it. hehe. I also can't believe I am getting a new puppy this weekend with you. I am so excited though. You KNOW how impulsive me and Randy are!!!! See you Friday at the tree.


Heather J. said...

Tammy, I love it.
And Shauna is the best.

The puppy is darling, can I come visit. ( I love pauppies!!!)

Quit Smoking, Woman.
That's an order,
From a Marine wife.
Don't make me come kick your ass.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

1. Rosie + Foxie = Roxie Her name should be Roxie! Such cuteness.

2. Love, love, LOVE the new design! So bright and cheerful. You're big time now.

3. I can see both sides of the "replacing Gracie" issue. But getting another puppy doesn't mean you didn't love Gracie. Just that you loved her so much, and that she enriched your lives so much, that her being gone leaves a huge hole. Sometimes filling that hole with a new love can help the hurt heal quicker.

4. Now's the time to quit smoking. Every day you don't smoke is a day you add to your lives. And your children's lives. It's another day you get to BE in their lives and for that they will be eternally grateful. Girl, if you can run a marathon, you can quit smoking. I KNOW you can.

p.s. The puppy's name is Roxie. :)

THopgood said...

Kate...I would love to name her Roxie but my brother (who lives right down the street from me btw) has a dog named Roxie as does one of my best friends. Gotta mix it up a little!

OHmommy said...

CUTE... cute blog!!! And congrats on the puppy.

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks amazing. It is so bright and cheery- like you. It's a perfect fit!

I think you are incredibly brave to quit smoking and get a new puppy. Two stressors at once and still keeping with the positive attitude should land you on Oprah or something.

Anonymous said...

Girl, your blog looks HAWT! It just kinda jumps out at ya with a big POW! Love it.

LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

Love the new do! It is so cheery and bright.

As for the puppy heart is still aching for you. You know that my bully is really my baby and I cannot fathom the loss. On that note, everyone mourns differently. Give Dan a hug (as he is feeling some serious sadness for poor baby Gracie.) You are not replacing her, as you said, you are filling the void. I love the name Foxie. Good choice Jordyn! Say it with a long o (or short o..whatever) But like this...Fahx-ay! So I have just proven that I do not know how to spell out what I am Good luck - she is adorable!

common mom said...

Love the new site! I was browsing for a new theme last night . . . no luck. I may have to check out your gal :-)

Puppy love . . . gotta love the puppies! The only reason we waited 8 months to get a puppy after Maggie died was because we knew were were going on a few long vacations and it would have been expensive and unfair to board her for that long. We LOVE our new puppy and can't believe we waited that long to get one!

Congrat's on the smoking! I'm not a smoker, but I grew up in a smoking house . . . they've all tried to quit so many times, using every method out there. It's SOOO tough!!! Best of luck to you!!!

Marni Tiani Self said...

YEAH!! Congrats on all of it. Keep up the good work. It will be a great gift to the future you and your children. :)

Marni Tiani Self said...

I realized I forgot to mention how much I LOVED the new blog. VERY cute and upbeat. :)