Monday, November 12, 2007

weekend recap

All I can remember about Friday (besides my miserable cold) is ...I took Smurfette shopping with me Friday to purchase Hefty's birthday gift. We both agreed that he would love the Spiderman 3 movie. Hefty came home from gymnastics and Smurfette ran up to him and said

Smurfette: "Hefty wanna know what your birthday present is"
Hefty: "NO!"
Smurfette: "Your getting Spiderman 3 movie"

Hefty then proceeded to have a complete 10 year old dramatic melt down because Smurfette "ruined the surprise"....&......"she always does that"......

me: "well, we'll just take it back and get you something else"
Hefty: "NO! It's still a good present....I still want about you just don't take her shopping with you anymore!!" he's all but stomping his feet and throwing his body down in this dramatic display.....
me: (imagine a thought bubble floating over my head) about I just don't buy you anymore presents....problem solved....

So we tried to calmly teach Smurfette that birthday presents are a secret and people like to be surprised by not knowing what their gifts are.....she then proceeded to have a 30 minute melt down because Hefty yelled at her and she felt bad. So we told her that maybe if she said sorry and gave him a hug he'd forgive her. She went in his room sobbing and wouldn't say anything so Papa smurf tried to prompt her and said.."well, go ahead....give him a hug....tell him your sorry"......Smurfette then starts wailing and says "BUT I'M SCARED".

fast forward 1/2 hour.......Hefty comes upstairs from the basement and says...."mom, I was rolling a ball in the basement and it accidentally opened the door to Papa Smurf's workroom....and there was a bike in there". Is NOTHING sacred!!?? I had brought home a bike last week from Toys R Us for Dreamy for Christmas....the poor kid has never had a "new" bike...he always gets Hefty's we decided that this time he'd get his very own "new" bike. I figured Papa Smurf's work room was as good a hiding place as any until Papa Smurf could get it up in the attic....I need to come up with a better hiding spot!

Saturday Papa Smurf worked a full day ....spent the afternoon getting ready for Sunday's meet. Dropped Gracie off at the "Pet Hotel" and Smurfette off at Grandmas for her sleep over. She loves staying with Grandma. Also played with my camera for a bit...look at our Gracie...

Sunday was the boy's first meet of the season. It was a practice meet in Saginaw. They did awesome! There were no medals or trophies just scores and judges critique. Telling the boys how they could have improved in each event. It was a great way for the boys to get a feel for where they are before the season begins. They've come a long way since our move to the new gym/coach last May. We've seen a HUGE improvement in their form and technique.

Dreamy Smurf on Parallel Bars

Hefty Smurf on High Bar

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