Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My daughter already has 2 prospective husbands!

I just got an email from my friend T....she sent it to both me and our other friend, K...... I'll share the email but first have to preface the email with.....T, K, & I were all pregnant at the same time...we all gave birth within 2 months of each other....they had boys and I had the girl.....the boys each are 1 and 2 months older than Smurfette....Smurfette will be 5 in a couple weeks. R and K's son, J, has a reputation of being .....hmmmmm....the mischievous & precarious one? They keep us entertained at each gathering with their latest "J Story". All 3 of our families...and 2 other families.....went on a week long trip up to Higgins Lake back in August. During this trip J and Smurfette were inseparable....this is a love affair that started about a year ago....they've been caught in bed under the covers together....my daughter has been caught hand feeding him....J rubs her arms.....it's pretty comical and has been a joke for a while now.....but on this particular trip Smurfette and J came out of the bedroom smiling and giggling and Smurfette says..."mom, J just kissed me".....we all had a good laugh.....J's dad, R, then pulls him aside and we all hear J yell out with his hands thrown up in the air...."DAD.....I SWEAR THAT'S ALL I DID"! It was one of the highlights of the week! That is not something I thought I'd ever hear coming out of a 4 yr/old's mouth! It was just the funniest thing!

So anyway back to T's email.....here it is.....p.s. L is the 5 year old and Tay is his older sister......

"I was eavesdropping on Tay and L the other day and heard them talking about Smurfette!

L says "She is so so pretty- I think I just want to marry her"-

Tay " Ahhh, you love Smurfette"

L- "please Tay don't say anything! Please- doesn't matter J already loves her and they even kissed!"

Oh my god - this is a conversation between what a five and seven year old!! Holy Shit.
And watch out J - you might have some competition!!"

I told both K and T that Smurfette's hand goes to the highest bidder......I'm still LMAO over this!


Randy and Kelly English said...

Tammy....this is sooooo funny!!!! I think this may be a strain in John and Luke's friendship, hmmmm...maybe not now but one day. LOL

Randy and Kelly English said...

Highest Bidder!!! OH shit, I better get that principals job so we can pay for a big wedding!!! I just hope she's not after John for his inheritance money! LMAO


THopgood said...

LMAO! Bidding fees are negotiable!