Friday, November 9, 2007

My charming sons may not make it to their teenage years!

We received ANOTHER phone call from the school on Wednesday....this would be #3 since the beginning of the school year. Hefty Smurf has inherited his mother's knack for speaking before engaging his brain. I'm not even going to put in here what he said because, quite frankly, I'M embarrassed! The things that come from his mouth should not be coming from a 10 year old's mouth. He's such a good kid....he's a straight "A" student....his teachers love him and tell me what a wonderful sense of humor he has.......BUT........he doesn't think before he opens his mouth. The sad thing mom received the exact same phone call from my gym teacher....Mrs. Porter....aka "Torpedo Tits"..... about my "mouth" back when I was in 7th or 8th grade (I was a LITTLE older). We let the 1st 2 incidents slide with a stern warning but felt that maybe we need to get tougher this time.....So we made him write a note of apology to his teacher explaining that it won't happen again and why swearing is inappropriate anywhere...but especially in school....and he is now my slave child for the next week....maybe a week of slavery will clean his mouth up....& if least I got something out of all this aggravation!

That same day....Dreamy Smurf says to me...."mom, I punched a kid today at recess....BUT....he threw the 1st punch"......OH MY GOD where did these kids come from!!?? He then promptly reminded me that some time ago we had a conversation & I told him it was ok to defend himself...if someone hits him and he sees no other option to defend himself ......then I won't be angry with him for hitting someone in self defense. Some parents may have a problem with that but my kids are going to be the little guys and may be more prone to being picked on so I want them to not fear defending themselves. Anyway....apparently this kid has been bothering him for awhile at recess and (according to Dreamy) just ran up to him and punched him right in the stomache "for no reason" punched him back. Dreamy Smurf may be small but he's very strong from gymnastics. According to Dreamy the kid hasn't bothered him since. I wanted to give him a high five but decided it probably wasn't the parental thing to instead said if he bothers you again maybe you should just tell one of the recess ladies. Another parent of the year award down the drain.

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