Friday, November 16, 2007

Parent teacher conferences

Papa Smurf & I had parent teacher conferences last night for the boys. It was painless! I'm so proud of my kids I can hardly stand it! Hefty's conference was 1st. When we got there his teacher and another of the 5th grade teachers were standing outside the rooms talking about Hefty...I got the feeling that they were standing there specifically so this other teacher could see who Hefty's parents were....maybe I'm wrong......His report card was all As.....3 As, 1 A-, & 1 A+. His teacher says he's a very smart boy....but needs to work on his self control....but he makes all the teachers laugh so they tend to let things slide. For instance...a couple weeks ago 1 of his teachers (the 5th grade teachers team Hefty actually has 3 different teachers) pulled Hefty aside for talking.....
Teacher: "Hefty, do you understand what NO TALKING means?"
Hefty: "Yes"
Teacher: "So you're as smart as you look?"
Hefty: "Yeah but that's not saying much"?

So he has learned how to make his teachers laugh so that it lessens the punishment.
This same teacher introduced himself at the Halloween party and told me that Hefty is the funniest kid he's had in his class...."he's so quick with the comebacks you just can't help but laugh" he told Hefty he wanted to start a book on the little things Hefty says everyday. Now if I could just have a filter installed between his brain and his mouth we'd be all set......

Then we had Dreamy's conferences. He got all A+s and 1 B+....She says he's a great kid and always helps the other kids in the class with their work when they have trouble with something. He's great at participating in class discussions and gets along great with all the kids. He's a perfectionist and always gives his best effort. He's very organized and responsible. What more could a mother ask for. She did say that he sometimes has a hard time focusing and is sometimes distracted easily and therefore doesn't always use his time productively....but hey...he's getting great grades and completes all his work so I really can't say a whole lot about that.

Looks like we're on the right track....

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