Friday, October 17, 2008

Internet and phone have been restored. YEAY! 72 hours with no internet and phone has me rethinking this blog thing. Seriously. I spend WAY too much time on the internet. I rely WAY to heavily on the internet. I'm in desperate need of some priority adjustments.

I'm picking the kids up in about 10 minutes from school and heading over to the doctor's office to get all their flu shots. Should be a good time.

In the mean time....I'm stealing this from
LifeAsILiveIt because I just don't feel like posting anything today.

I choose......

Tom Hanks over Tom Cruise
avoidance over confrontation (some may beg to differ)
Chinese food over Mexican food
late nights over early mornings
beer over wine (depends on my mood...I like both)
NBC over CBS
sweet over salty
beach over mountain
Chocolate over vanilla
dogs over cats
mistakes made over missed chances
lipgloss over lipstick
J.K Rowling over J.R.R. Tolkien (can't get into either)
dark chocolate over milk chocolate
football over hockey (don't watch either)
pie over cake
half full over half empty
sense of humor over sense of style
Wheel of Fortune over Jeopardy!
pro-choice over pro-life
soda over iced tea
The Breakfast Club over Dirty Dancing
french toast over french fries
Belle over Cinderella
big city over small town
The Olympics over The Oscars
too hot over too cold
mustard over ketchup
Caesar salad over house salad
books over movies
pedicures over manicures
red wine over white wine
John Cusack over John Malkovich
apples over oranges
fast cars over big trucks
elliptical over treadmill
summer over winter
time with girlfriends over time alone
vacuuming floors over mopping floors

Play along...what do you prefer?


Anonymous said...

I would give anything to meet John Cusack.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That is great! I should do this!

Jennifer said...

I wanted to swing over and say, Hi! :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

French Toast over French Fries? I guess we don't have as much in common as I thought...

Mimi said...

I like the I Choose game. I'm going to put it on my blog & link back to you.

LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

Fun post! I'll add it to mine sometime today, so check it out:)