Friday, August 1, 2008

Stress fractures, The Shack, and penis requests.

Sunday 7/27 - Ran 7 with an 11:19 average. Felt great.

Tuesday 7/29 - Traci and I went out for 7. It was brutal. 87 degrees out and humid as all hell. Friday's 14 was easier than today. Only made it 6 miles. I swear we were the only morons out there. Still finished with an 11:28 average pace. Not too sure how that is possible as we were all but holding each other up the entire run. And now she has a bum ankle...I may be losing my running partner for a while. UGH.

Wednesday 7/30 - Went out today to get some spare water bottles for my running belt and my second pair of shoes to break in before race day. Kristin, I got the same ones as you! LOL! Loved the gold/leopard print. Was suppose to fun 4 but it never happened.

Friday 8/1 - I've lost my running partner due to suspected stress fracture. This is not good. Ran 15 miles this morning by myself. First of all...I have to say that I ran while listening to The Shack by William P Young. Dude. This book is speaking to me. There is only one other book that has spoken to me in the same way and that was Mitch Album's The Five People You Meet in Heaven. If you haven't read either you need to read both. So I'm about 3/4 of the way through the audiobook and had a tough time running during my intermittent sob fests. Broke out into an "ugly cry" a couple times. Ended up walking the last mile. Finished with an 11:40 average pace....I NEED my running partner.....

Hormonal update: So if you don't know already....I've had Endometrial Ablasion done....Some 4 or 5 years ago now. Which means that I haven't been visited by Aunt Flo in the same amount of time. It's wonderful. The downside is....I have no idea when the hormonal surge known as PMS is about to strike. Up until about 3 months ago my PMS symptoms were minor. But lately....oh Lordy Lordy....Could this be pre-menopausal.....cuz seriously?....I can hardly stand to be around mySELF!

So, after
Wednesday night's emotional meltdown I needed proof that this was hormonally induced and that I'm not just going crazy. It occurred to me that I blogged about my last hormonal upset which, I looked up to discover, occurred exactly 30 days ago.

Imagine that.

And to further solidify my suspicions (as if crying last night to an episode of Family Matters wasn't proof enough....OH YES I DID!....because you KNOW that Erkel can bring tears to ANY mama's eyes) I woke up this morning with a ginormous painful zit the size of a golf ball on my chin.

Good times....good times..... Do you think it's too late to request a penis?


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Sorry you lost your running partner! That's a bummer.

And I'm sure your husband would be happy to help you out with the penis request. LOL

Dana said...

you're too funny!!! loved this post!

Anonymous said...

Being in possesion of a penis comes with it's own set of problems (I assume, being as how I don't have one.)

I'm sorry about your running partner. Was she supposed to be running the race with you, too?

I wish I had bought two pairs of shoes when I went shopping. Not only were they on wicked sale, but at this particular store, you get the second pair 1/2 off. Damn. I really love them A LAWT.

R.L.Scovens said...

LMAO! Yeah, it's too late for the penis!

Anonymous said...

I believe the penis would add a whole host of other problems- such as a beer belly and weird obsession with sports. Not to mention other things I can't type here.

Great post!

Christy said...

Sorry to break the bad news, but I think it is too late to request a penis:)

Mama Zen said...

Damn! I thought you had managed to stress fracture someone's penis, and I was just panting for details!

EatPlayLove said...

You don't want a penis, it will try to convince you it runs the world.

I hear you on the zit, holy am I 16? I am pms'ing as well, typically I get ah-ha moment when I find myself feverishly baking cookies, cakes, anything. Baking=My Friend is about to arrive.

Brooke said...

I had an endometrial ablation a couple years ago, so I know what your going through. No aunt flo, but I never know when pms will strike! I too thought I was pre menopause.

common mom said...


Bummer about the running partner :-( But dude . . . you rock . . . 15 miles? Damn woman!

I run when chased.

Happy2bme said...

I think a penis would just complicate things more...LOL!!

Colleen said...

Oh lawdy woman - you're too funny. I saw the post title and was wondering what the heck you were into - uh, I mean up to now!