Saturday, August 16, 2008

I don't have much of a running update.

Still sick.

Ran 8 miles on Monday only because I felt the cold coming on and new it would get worse before it got better. So I squeezed it in because I knew it would probably be the last one I got in all week.

And I was right.

I ran 16 miles this morning and it was torture. I purposely left my GPS at home cuz I didn't even want to know what my time was gonna be. And I had no intention of killing myself. I walked a lot of it....including the last entire mile.

And now I have no voice.

I had pneumonia 2 or 3 winters ago and ended up in the hospital for 3 days because of it. And ever since then every cold I get goes straight to my chest. It sucks.

On to happier topics....

The neighborhood I live in had a subdivision garage sale. I hit the mother load jack pot at one of them. One of the sales had brand new (with tags) Gymboree outfits that just happened to be the perfect size for my daughter.... a few things for this winter and a few things for next summer.
Three brand new (with tags) sweaters. $5.00.

Summer dress. Very cute although not new. $1.00.

All 3 pieces below are brand new with tags....$5.00

Brand new with tags...Gymboree....$6.00.

Not new...but adorable....$5.00.

Not new but in like new condition for this winter....$5.00

And my bargain find of the day....this Rothschild wool coat for Smurfette.....$5.00

I should add that I looked this coat up online to see what it would cost new. I found this exact coat for $159.00. ...and I got it for $5.00. AND I can actually get 2 years out of it because it's a little big on her.

And that's it.

I'm going to bed.


Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

WOW! Next year, I'm comin' to MI for that subdivision sale!!! Nothin' beats finding a great sale! Hope that in and of itself makes you feel a little better!

Tracey said...


Christy said...

AHHH! Those clothes are too freaking cute! Who keeps brand new Gymboree outfits? I would have taken those cloths back! I guess it was a good thing that they didn't - because you got some great deals!

Tara R. said...

What a great day of bargain hunting. The clothes are adorable, and I LOVE the red coat... very nice. Hope you are feeling better soon.

April said...

Best thing about having girls: shopping for cute clothes :)

Will you please take it easy for a little while so you can get better already?!?

Kelly said...

Tam what in the world are you gonna be like when you are old...sick all the time!!! LOL

Breanne Vasquez said...

You got some great stuff. So cute. I can;t believe you ran all that while you were sick. Your a champ.

Mekhismom said...

What great bargains! I love bargains. I am sorry that you are not feeling well but very impressed that you pushed on with your training.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Man, I shoulda put you on the lookout for clothes for MY daughter. Those are adorable and a total bargain. Great job!

Way to stick to the running even though you're feeling crummy. Hopefully you're on the mend and will be back to your sassy self soon.

Bahama Mama said...

What a score on the clothes! I really missed going school shopping for Emmy ths year. We used to have so much fun picking out cool outfits. There isn't much point though when all she wears is a school uniform, bathing suit and cover-up (which I am lucky to get her out of even if we are going to dinner).

See - no mention of coconuts... whoops! :-)

I hope that you feel better and it doesn't become something worse. Sending you sunshine and health!

Leslie said...

I'm loving your deals! WTG!

common mom said...

I LOVE garage sale deals! I don't do garage sales often, but when I do, seems I always find great stuff for cheap :-)

LOVE the coat!

Kori said...

That's it; I am going to beg, borrow and steal in order to get S. to knock me up again-I will take a second and third job in order to make it happen-and then I am going to WILL myself to have a girl (I have three boys and one sweet, lone daughter), just so I can get clothes like that. I love those sweaters!

Heidi said...

Yeah, I don't do yard sales, but now I'm thinking maybe I'll start because, good freak you got some deals!

Found you through Carol, hope you don't mind.