Monday, August 11, 2008

The cost of "free" has risen

Sunday Papa smurf & I were invited to the PGA tour at the Oakland Hills Golf Club by a friend of PS's from a previous employer for "free". There were three couples going. PS explained to me that they were special "VIP" passes. I had no idea what that meant but it sure sounded pretty cool. And it was "free."

Well surely this calls for a shopping trip. A "VIP" worthy outfit was needed. What outfit would be "VIP" worthy? I had no idea but I was gonna search until I found one.

And I did.

I found a very cute outfit complete with matching purse. I didn't think to take a picture of it and cameras weren't allowed in the club so you'll just have to trust me...I was looking cute and sassy.

Of course, no outfit would be complete without a pair of snazzy little shoes. I had a pair of shoes that would have looked really cute. But husband said, "uhm, Mama Smurf, you may want to reconsider. We're going to be doing a LOT of walking. Your feet will be killing you if you wear those." They were 3 inch heels. Darn. But they look so cute with my new outfit. I debated for a long while wondering if I could tolerate the discomfort for the sake of looking cute.

No. I couldn't.

Which, of course, gave me the excuse I needed to go to the store for a another cute pair of comfortable yet sassy sandals. And so I ended up spending even MORE money on my snazzy little getup for this "free" event.

Yes. I have issues. Serious shopping issues. But my husband has accepted and loved me despite my "issues." And we can afford my "issues" so get over it and don't judge.

So I found these.

With an itty bitty heel.

Cute. Check. Sassy. Check. Comfortable. Check.


We drove to the club in the rain. It was only 68 degrees when we arrived at the club. The wind and rain combination made it feel like it was 60.

I was in short sleeves and capris and those cute little sandals. And I was freezing. It's August in Michigan and I was freezing. My cheap ass umbrella broke within the first 5 minutes of using it. The walkway on the course was soggy and muddy. My feet were sinking. Those little itty bitty heels were aerating the course. The balls of my feet were sore from trying to keep the heels from sinking in the mud with every step. My cute sandals...weren't so cute anymore.

I was freezing.

We went to the PGA shopping tent and looked for a jacket. The ONLY long sleeved jacket they had left was a flimsy bright teal blue/green wind breaker for $83. They didn't even have sweat shirts. So, it was either freeze or spend the $83 on an ugly jacket that I'll never wear again.

So now I'm wearing a mustard yellow knit short sleeved cowl neck sweater topped with an ugly flimsy teal green wind breaker.

Oh yeah, and my muddy sandals.

SO glad I bought the outfit. (read with dripping sarcasm)

SO glad I bought the sandals. (read with more dripping sarcasm)

We walked to the "executive lounge" where the food and booze were located and spent the rest of the afternoon watching the game from the TVs inside....which I should probably point out....I could have done from the comfort of my own home and couch for free.

Not "free", but REALLY free!

All bitching aside I had a great time. I enjoyed meeting PS's former and current colleagues and their wives. They were a lot of fun. I hope we can all try getting together again soon. I'm thinking we should try sticking to something indoors this time!


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Oh man! Sorry the weather was crappy and the day didn't turn out as planned.

Yah, "free" really is never free.

April said...

Oh, honey! I wish you would've called. I knew where this was going the minute you started shopping! But I'm glad you still managed to have a good time. And that your hubs is such a sweetie.

Colleen said...

Awww...sorry that seems like it really SUCKED! Did you at least have a good time?

Kelly said...

Isn't golf a men's sport and women are really just suppose to stay away from it completely? Have you ever seen Everybody loves Raymond. Do they really really want us around golf anyway? You could have spent the afternoon at the mall, indoors where it was dry, buying more clothes.

Christy said...

If it makes you feel any better, I think your shoes are too freaking cute!

Kori said...

Whoa-love the sandals. And was the food good?

Mark Salinas said...

Ha! My wife isn't the only one! :)

Carol said...

Oh no what a nightmare, but at least you had a nice time.

And lots of nice shopping to precede it.

Breanne Vasquez said...

Very cute shoes! Glad you had a nice time but I agree about watching it from the couch.

Dana said...

cute shoes.... wish the weather was a little nicer for you!!

Leslie said...

Those shoes are fabulous! Or, um.... were. Sorry about the weather. And OUCH! 83 bucks for an ugly windbreaker?? That's terrible. Glad you had fun anyway!

Trooper Thorn said...

All that may be true, but there would be a big empty space where this blog is now. Plus, when you wear the windbreaker, you can tell the story, (but tell folks you had to pay for it in Euros).

Suzie said...

At least you got out of the house and had some fun

Anonymous said...

I say that a few hours alone with your hubby was worth it.

And honestly, your twitter updates are freakin' hilarious! Love 'em.

Bahama Mama said...

No such thing as free. I hope you managed to salvage those sandals they are CUTE! Gotta get me a pair - they look like Bahamas sandals to me.

Mama Zen said...

Hope you didn't ruin your sandals!

Tara R. said...

I've been to a few 'free' events too. Sorry for the weather suckage, but the shoes are still very cute.

EatPlayLove said...

You know my mind works in the same way. I love splurging for a free event!