Friday, July 11, 2008

Running Update

Saturday 7/5 - 3 miles. No GPS. No watch. Just my ipod. Gorgeous day. 70s and sunshine. Felt ok...ran when I felt like running walked when I felt like walking. Right heal is still giving me grief. Time for some Motrin and ice. Taking tomorrow off from running. Although, on second thought, I've gained so much weight these last few days......with all the party'n and all....maybe I should run anyway. I saw a woman a while back with a T-Shirt that said "I only run..." (printed on the front)....& " I can eat" (printed on the back).....I have to have that T-Shirt!

Monday 7/7 - 6 brutal miles. Ugly....just ugly. Legs felt like lead. 87 degrees out. Not an ounce of oxygen in the air....or I guess technically I should say "Liter of Oxygen"..... Felt like I was suffocating. Hot. Sticky. Humid. Relentless bugs. Numerous mosquito and fly bites. Torrential down pours after mile 3. The rain actually helped with the heat and bugs but it was still ugly. Did 1 mile run / 2 minute walk intervals with a 12:02 min/mile pace. Which is pretty good for me but it still FELT awful. Not a good day! I did have a little chuckle 1/2 way through though. Around mile 3 a man on a bike passed me and he had splatters of mud and dirt straight up his back (splashed up from his back tire) from riding his bike in the rain. And here is my thought process... *wow...I never realized that a bike tire does more reason to NOT go bike more reason to stay away from a triathlon....omg...who was it that told me about the bike racer who had to shit so bad in the middle of a race that he/she hung his/her ass off the back of the bike and shit right in the middle of the race....It was probably my Grandma.......HA!....did he/she have shit flung up his back side from it hitting his tire?!.....better yet....did the person behind him/her get a mouthful? Gross! Yeah, I think I'll stick to running.* Yes...this is how I amuse myself when I'm running by myself.

Wednesday 7/9 - Felt much better. 6.1 miles in 1:13. 11:58 min/mile pace. BUT...that included a potty break...LOL....

Friday 7/11 - Ran 12 miles in 2:23. 11:55 min/mile pace. 8min run/2 min walk intervals. Felt great till the last mile. Lower back and hips where giving me grief. I'm feel'n good.

And now....I must go get ready for the Martina McBride Concert. I don't know what she sings and have no idea what she looks like but I'll use any excuse I can come up with for a girls night out!

PS - Who ever said that exercise increases your energy apparently never exercised....I'm exhausted!

Have a fantastic weekend ya'll!


Kori said...

Martina McBride? Hm. I saw her in concert once, I have a sister who looks like her.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous that you're going to see Martina! She's one of my favs!

And way to perservere on the running! I'm again stand in awe.

Dana said...

hope you have a great weekend too!!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I agree.

I love Martina, you'll have a blast. :)

Blessed is my favorite song, think of me! :)

Anonymous said...

Your level of energy amazes me.

EatPlayLove said...

I went out the other day for a walk, wound up running a bit, doing some lunges. It feels nice to take time and distance out of the equation.

One day at a time, hope you have a great weekend!

OHmommy said...



I have been telling you for months now... but now my time has come. On Monday I will go for a jog.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Chile said...

LOL! That's what fenders are for. :)

Kelly said...

You Rock!


Heather J. said...

Wow, Chicky- look at you go!

Mama Zen said...

Hope you have a great time at the concert! I'm totally jealous!