Monday, July 28, 2008

Only FIVE summer weekends left!!!

These summer weekends are blowing past at lightening speed. I'm having an increasingly difficult time keeping up with the blog. I hope you'll bear with me in my absence.

Lets see, Friday me and kids spent the entire day out at the Lifetime Fitness pools. I was desperate to get them out from underneath the roof of this house and the pool was the best I could come up with. Would you believe I was scolded by the powers that be (at Lifetime) for taking pictures. Yes. They told me to put my camera away. "Because other parents don't appreciate their child's picture being taken and they (the Lifetime powers that be) don't want the Lifetime logo in any photos. I was honestly tempted to go around and ask permission from all parents in lounge chairs.

I'll spare you from my self righteous "what has this world come to" rant.

You're welcome.

Here are the few photos I DID manage to sneak. I brought my little cheesy camera (the good one's just too big) which has no zoom so my OWN kids are unidentifiable....again, I'll spare you from my rant....but seriously, check out these pathetic photos and tell me what you can possibly identify from these. GRRRRR......

Saturday was a day full of birthday parties. Party #1 was at my Brother and SIL's house for my 2 nieces' birthdays. One turns 13 and the other turns 4.

My brother and my 2 nieces Hannah and Maya. M (on the right) is the 13 year old birthday girl....H will be 13 in October. M is my brother's step daughter and H is his biological daughter from a previous relationship. The girls just happen to be a couple months apart in age.

My mom and Grandma

My other niece, C, is the other birthday girl. She just turned 4. And that sneaky bunny ear caper behind her is my son, Thing 2.

After the family party we headed over to the friend party. This was a Hawaiian themed surprise 40th birthday party for M's husband, J. Remember my post about M? We had a good time. Most of the guests spent the evening playing drinking in "chugging beers and downing shots" drinking games. That's just not my cup of tea. But there's no better way to spend an evening than to sit around watching drunk people play drinking games. Seriously. The birthday boy was trashed and making comments like "maaannnnnn, I'm so vuck'n sEXy whegn I'm dis drung"...said complete with lip snarl and growl. We made a somewhat early exit because our poor puppy had been locked up all day.

Here's a few pictures....J is the one with the dark blue shirt and tiki hat.

Sunday, Hubby and I attended a fundraising progressive dinner for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with some friends. We had a fantastic time. We went to 4 different restaurants...all of which were delicious. McCormick and Schmick's for appetizers, Shula's for Salad, Morton's for the entree, and The Melting Pot for dessert. I was in a serious amount of gluttonous pain when we were done. Lots of yummy food and funny conversation with wonderful friends makes for a very enjoyable evening! =)

So how was your weekend?


Tracey said...

I LOVE WEEKENDS LIKE THIS! The water park looks like a lot of fun. We used to have one here in ABQ, but it closed....the cost of water and all. Great the fondu idea.

Anonymous said...

What a great time! Again, I haven't a clue where you get your energy. As for the waterpark people...WHATEVER!!!

You photograph really well, by the way :)

Rozzbin said...

Cute pics of you and hubby.

Leslie said...

You sound like lots of fun! I love the waterpark. I can't believe they actually asked you to stop taking pictures. How ridiculous!

Dana said...

SShhhhhh.. I was trying not to let my self think that there are only 5 summer weeks left.. Cause that means in 5 weeks I start teaching again!! YIKES!!

Glad to hear and see that you had a great weekend.. The the pics..

My weekend was pretty good - sorta relaxing... I hope this week goes by fast...

Anonymous said...

First, I'm totally impressed by your social life. Second, girl, you are looking smokin'. Toned and tan.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

You've been on the GO! Lots of fun.

As far as my weekend, it's too fresh to talk about or rethink. I'm sure I'll share more later. In summary, it was awesome and really awful at the same time.

Kellan said...

Great weekend and fun pictures! That Lifetime pool was a GREAT idea!

Have a good Tuesday - Kellan

Anonymous said...

Crikey! I'd need a week to recuperate after a weekend like that - If I didn't die of exhaustion first.

You and hubby look very happy together.

Bahama Mama said...

I gotta say this post made me feel like a serious underacheiver! Granted I have no kids with me to get out of the house but I am so boring. I am making a pledge to do more stuff.