Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What does your medicine cabinet say about you?

I've been watching this meme go around for a few days now and was honestly a little disturbed by it at first. You mean friends/family that have been invited into my home, may possibly be and quite probably are, peeking in my medicine cabinets for no other purpose than to be nosey?? Seriously?? I swear on all that is any person reading this that has ever invited me over to your home....I have NEVER peeked in your medicine cabinet for the sole purpose of being nosey. Ever. Not because I'm above peeking in your cabinet, mind you, but because the thought honestly never even occurred to me. And not because I'm worried that your cabinet door might have squeeky hinges that may or may not alert you that I may be peeking in your cabinet. Just say'n....

Now that I'm finding out this is the thing to do....I will be....peeking in your cabinets that is. Consider yourself warned.

You know what? My medicine cabinet is in my master bathroom. A bathroom that only my husband and I use. So, I have nothing to be worried about. I have no medicine cabinet in the bathroom that is most likely being used by my company.

And so now I'm feeling guilty because, as I've just warned you, I'll be peeking in your medicine cabinets and you haven't had equal opportunity to peek in mine. So, Colleen tagged me for this meme and I'll be taking advantage of this opportunity to even the score between myself and any future guests.

I have 3 different areas in my home where medicine is kept so I'll share all three with you and follow up with some necessary explanations.

First on the list is the cabinet in my master bathroom.

This cabinet holds very little in terms of medicine.

Let's break this down.

Several points of interest in above photo:

The Clean Pore bottle in the back? Expired in 1999. I didn't realize pore cleansers expired. We bought this house in 2000. I had to have bought that cleanser sometime in 97 or 98, no? Which means that I had not used it in the 2 - 3 years prior to moving (note the completely full bottle)...but still chose to pack it for the move to this house....then unpacked it and stuck it in that medicine cabinet where it has remained ever since. I remember trying that cleanser and not liking it because it left a sticky (not clean) feeling on my face. So why did I keep it, pack it, unpack it, and keep it again....for 10 or 11 years?? Couldn't tell you.

The bottle of lotion in the back? I won it at my cousin's bridal shower. Like, twelve years ago. I love the smell of it (Lavendar & Thyme) but not the texture of it. So I kept it? Again, no clue why.

Neutragena shampoo bottles? Please note the rusted caps. That is all.

Hemorrhoid cream? Also expired several years ago. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.


These bottles of perfume? I've had them since high-school. I don't wear perfume. I don't like perfume. But I keep the bottles anyway. Why? I have no frick'n clue. But, back in college when I DID like perfume Dune and Passion were my favorites.

I prefer scented body sprays such as Victoria Secret's Vanilla Lace.

The above items are kept on stand by just. in. case. We've had several scares over the years that have resulted in quarantining the home for precautionary measures. The latest scare being last years lice epidemic at the kids' school that lasted a few months. We some how lucked out and haven't had to use the stocked supply of Nix...but one can never be too careful. Because, dudes, if lice should ever find it's way in my home? I'll need to be committed.

Now, let's take a peak in the kitchen cabinet. This is our catch-all kitchen junk & medicine cabinet. Are we the only one's that keep medicine in the kitchen? I'm realizing as I write this just how much this one cabinet says about me. I'm starting to understand the fascination with peeking.

For example, upon careful examination......

You will learn I like to buy in bulk. As evidenced by the 5 pound bottles of flaxseed oil and calcium. Both of which, by the way, have been in this cupboard for several years.

And, FYI, don't take the triple omega unless burping up the taste of fish for several hours appeals to you (has also been in this cupboard for several years....for that reason).

And lets just say I used to have some stomach issues and leave it at that....m'kay?

For the record? My stomach issues seem to be resolved (for the most part) ever since I took up running.

It seems I also have some body image / weight loss issues as evidenced by....

And sleeping issues.....

And three kids who are always sick with one virus or another......

And then there's the hallway bathroom pantry closet.

With more of the same.

I had hoped to use this meme as inspiration to clean these areas out and share the before and after pictures with you but I am now officially out of time and have spent the entire evening running around with the kids.'s not happening. Today, anyway. Maybe I'll get to it later and share my purging pictures with you. No promises.

If you are reading this concider yourself tagged. Play along if you like and let me take a peek in your medicine cabinet(s) so I won't have to feel guilty about peeking behind your back when you invite me over for a glass of wine next week.

Edited to add: I swear I'm convinced someone is messing with me. I've edited and re-edited this stupid post because pictures and paragraphs keep sporatically dissappearing. I give up. I'm still missing paragraphs and photos but I'm too frustrated to redo it. BAH! Spell check is not working right now either and I don't have the patience to edit or look things up. You're just gonna have to deal with it. =)


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Yah, I'd show you mine but I think it's still packed. Also, I DID finally manage to throw away those various bottles of crap that I've been moving from place to place over the years. And yet I *still* have ALOT of stuff. Like 12 bottles of Bath & Body Works hand soap.

April said...

After moving 5 times in as many years, I can't say there's anything left of interest in my medicine cabinet to share!

Marni's Organized Mess said...


Weaselmomma said...

I've got a cabinet dedicated to first aid and medicine in my kitchen too.

Leslie said...

Geez, I feel like I just walked through the Rx section of Wal-Mart! So many drugs/bottles!!

Here's some advice: Learn to let go of things ;)

Tara R. said...

I'm afraid to go through our medicine cabinets. There's no telling what I'll find.

OHmommy said...

That is one very interesting meme. I have not looked into my cabinets for years. I wonder what's in them?

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha. You can laugh at my husband's maggoty shampoo all you want. I'm dying at the "staging" that you did with your toiletries! You really got into this, didn't you?

Brooke said...

Ah that is so funny! I have never peeked in anyones cabinets either! Not because I havent wanted to but afraid they would catch me. heheh.

Leslie said...

You have a lot of spaces where you keep your stuff! lol at the rusted caps and the old perfumes that you don't wear! Yes, maybe time to clean it all out. ;) I would love to play along, but I am in a state of limbo land. If I ever get back home, and things get back to normal I can participate more. ;)