Friday, January 23, 2009

Chillax'n in Chicago

It’s been over a week since I’ve last posted and almost as long since I’ve looked in my Google Reader. I miss reading about everyone’s days but I’m really enjoying this time off from the pressure of staying up to date. I hope to get caught up this weekend but I may have to just empty the reader and start fresh. I'm just not getting into this blogging thing anymore. If I'm being completely honest I'd have to say that this has become more or a chore lately than the enjoyable escape that it once was. I'm getting tired of wasting my days in front of this computer.

I have no less than twenty little notes written with things I’ve wanted to share but I’ve gotten so behind that I think I may just have to scrap those notes and, like the google reader, just start fresh.

Our family took a little road trip to Chicago this past weekend for a gymnastics meet. We left Thursday late afternoon and returned at 3am Monday morning. Both drives there and back were horrendous. White out blizzard icy conditions that turned what would have been a 5 hour drive into a 6 ½ - 7 hour drive. I was doped up on pain meds but still in pain and dreadfully uncomfortable. Hubby was cranky from the white knuckled driving conditions and the bitch speaking to him from behind the GPS screen. Once upon a time, it was the kids we had to worry about surviving a road trip with. But thanks to the geniuses at Chrysler who stuck DVD and satellite TV in their vans….the kids were perfect the entire trip. I am forever indebted to those Chrysler powers that be. And for those of you out there who are judging me for sticking my kids in front of the TV to shut them up and missing out a perfect "bonding moment" of a road trip? Bite me. And I mean that in a very kind way.
The weekend in a very brief nut shell.

Thursday - We arrived in Chicago sometime around 11pm. We were tired. We were cranky. We went immediately to sleep.

Friday - Dreamy competed and did not do very well. He had a rough start which stomped all over his confidence and he just couldn't pick it back up. We've chalked this meet up to a much needed lesson in humility. His little ego was crushed as he's become accustomed to sweeping all his meets. As awful as this may sound....he needed this. Sometimes a little beating of the ego is all it takes to remotivate.

Saturday - The kids spent a few hours in the pool while Papa Smurf and I took turns in the gym. Our hotel had a kick'n gym (Did I just say "kick'n" out loud? My kids are rub'n off on me). I actually worked out. And my back was actually feeling a little better. We then spent the afternoon at the Science and Industry Museum which we all really enjoyed. And it just happened to be a free admission day. Bonus. We then met up with the rest of the team at Hard Rock for little dinner and a whole lot of obnoxiousness (the parents ~ not the kids). That was fun. Then we divided and conquered ~ the boys/men headed over to the ESPN Zone for some bonding time (aka grunting and farting) while the girls headed to the American Girl Place to chillax with Kit. (I'm just throwing these pre-adolescent words in here to embarrass my boys...they just love when I try to be all cool like them) Fun was had by all. =)

Sunday - We spent the early afternoon walking up Michigan Ave. It was bitter cold which sucked all the fun right out of shopping. Hubby purchased a new pair of running shoes and we hit the sales at the Disney Store. And that's it. Sad. Hefty competed in the evening. He also had a rough meet but didn't take it as bad as Dreamy. A couple years make a world of difference in emotional maturity. Two years ago it was Hefty beating himself up and sulking over his mistakes and deductions. He's finally learning to let it go and move on.

I haven't down loaded any photos or video yet. I'll get to it eventually and share them with you.
My back is feeling much better. I'm sleeping again. Without the assistance of illegal drugs or stomach tearing NSAIDS I might add. That's always a good thing. There's a whole lotta crack'n and creak'n goin on down there now but I think that's a good thing as maybe that means everything is trying to work it's way back into place.
And now I must go and beautify myself as hubby and I have a hot date tonight. I also must clean my house as my mom is coming to babysit my kids and my house is a mess. Have I mentioned that I'm trying to go without my cleaning lady. It's not working out so well. She hasn't been here in over a month. She used to come, on average, 3 times per month. I can give up a lot of things but I just don't think I'm ready to give up the cleaning lady. My inner domestic goddess died the day I gave birth to my 3rd child. And I'm OK with that. But I'm NOT OK with having a filthy house. Thus, the cleaning lady.
I'm only human, people.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

Believe me, I know. I rarely read others stuff anymore. I usually just blog my own when I feel like it.

Which means, I rarely get comments and I really don't even care. It's so refreshing to just blog and not worry about getting any loving back. :)

Hugs girl.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

I hear ya about blogging. After my 3 weeks long forced hiatus I discovered the freedom of not sitting in front of a computer all day! LOL

Oh well, I'll keep doing it, probably just not as regularly. I hope you will too because, like, we're friends and all now. And I'd miss you. :)

My expressions LIVE said...

We all get tired of blogging once in awhile, that is for sure.

Glad to hear your trip was good! I am glad you had a good experiance in town. Its much better in the summer...especially when the Cubs are in town. A must to take the kids to Wrigley.

Anonymous said...

I know kids need to learn lessons the hard way, but it's so hard to watch. I wish they could learn everything through good ol' fashion lectures.

I hear you about the blog. I took mine down. I can't decide whether I'm done forever or not.

Hope your date was fun!

Mary said...

I live near chicago, and I can not imagine coming here for fun this winter. It has been brutally cold! Walking on Michigan avenue could be hazardous to your health.

Glad you had fun otherwise.

Leslie said...

Let me introduce you to a little something I recently added to my sidebar, it's called "Blogging Without Obligation":

I call it a little note to my readers that my blogging is a fun hobby, and not a chore ;)

I do love reading your blog though, please don't give it up just yet, m'kay??

Glad you're feeling better, keep trying to get some rest!

Ashley said...

No - don't give up your blogging! Though I would definitely just erase all those posts in your reader and move on. I had to do that when we came back from Colombia and there were 1000 posts. It definitely sounds like your life has been very hectic lately. I hope things slow down a little for you and you can have fun blogging again!